Active Cleanse®

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This cleanse is designed in association with Dalton Wong of Twenty Two Training for those who want to exercise regularly. A combination of organic fruit and vegetable juices provides natural energy and supports your body for post-workout recovery. A dairy-free nut mylk adds protein. Two nutritional supplements are included, l-gluatmine and liquid chlorophyll. Choose this cleanse if:

  • you want to cleanse but don't want to sacrifice your workout
  • you want exclusive guidance from nutrition and fitness expert Dalton Wong of Twenty Two Training
  • you want expert-chosen supplements with your juices, suitable to sustain active people doing a cleanse.



Why Cleanse?

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Ginger Lemonade Bottle
Vibrant Veg Bottle
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Root Boost Bottle
Vital Green Bottle
Root Boost Bottle


Select your desired duration and number of juices per day:

3 days 5 days
6 juices £275 £425


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Established London 2009
100% Organic Cold-Pressed
Delivered across the UK