Radiance x Equi | Party Recovery Box

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This Limited Edition recovery box helps you maintain some balance during the festive season. Party with a clear conscience knowing that you'll take care of your body before and after. The box includes two bottles each of our delicious Vital Green and Root Boost juices to help you add in much needed nutrients, plus Chloro Coco Water to rehydrate. Our Spiced Cashew Milks provide a nourishing protein hit, perfect before heading out or as a healthy breakfast on the go. 

In collaboration with our favourite nutritional supplement brand Equi we're also including a full size box of either Beautiful or Fundamental nutritional supplements worth £62. Award winning, all-in-one supplements, formulated by expert nutritionists that deliver over 60 top quality ingredients that work to nourish the whole body, making it work at its full potential.  The perfect solution for those wanting to combat niggling symptoms such as low energy, poor concentration, bloating, hormonal imbalances, weakened immunity and problem skin, or simply wanting to feel their best whilst keeping up with the pace of modern life.

This special edition box includes 8 x 250ml bottles and a full size set of supplements. Please note this is NOT intended as a cleanse and has been designed to more easily fit into a festive party schedule!


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Vital Green 250 Bottle
Vital Green 250 Bottle
Root Boost 250 Bottle
Root Boost 250 Bottle
Spiced Cashew Milk 250 Bottle
Spiced Cashew Milk 250 Bottle
Chloro Coco Water Bottle
Chloro Coco Water Bottle




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