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Nutritional Therapist Amelia Freer says: "I am officially a green juice junkie. Not the infusions of pesticides and sugar available on high streets or supermarket shelves, but the life force, nutrient-packed, cold-pressed organic kind. I want for everyone to be able to incorporate green juices into their lives. I swear it would make the world a happier and healthier place! This Health Gift Box contains my favourite Radiance juices. It’s not a cleanse, just a gift of health to sample over 2-3 days. What an awesome way to thank someone for a lovely weekend, an amazing and different birthday present or a little pick me up for a loved one who might be a bit run down. It’s a gift I’d absolutely love to receive and definitely a gift I’ll be sending."

Find out more about Amelia in a Q&A here and on her website.


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Cashew Mylk Bottle
Pure Greens 1 Bottle
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Alka Green Bottle
Super Green Bottle
Vital Green Bottle


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6 juices £95


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