Winter Cleanse

Winter Cleanse image


Juice cleansing in cold weather need not be hard!

This seasonal version of our best-selling Signature Cleanse has been tweaked for the winter months. The unique concentrated Lemon Ginger Tonic can be diluted with hot water to keep your body temperature up throughout the day. The Spiced Cashew Milk can also be warmed gently for a healthy twist on a chai latte. Choose this cleanse if:

  • it's cold outside
  • you are looking for an entry level cleanse
  • you like lemon and ginger!

*Important note: this cleanse imagery is an example only and by hovering over the bottles you will see the up to date version of juices included in the cleanse.


Why Cleanse?

Hover over a bottle to show the juice name and ingredients:

Lemon Ginger Tonic Bottle
Vital Green Bottle
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Vibrant Veg Bottle
Root Boost Bottle
Cacao Cashew Milk Bottle


Select your desired duration and number of juices per day:

1 day 3 days 5 days
5 juices £75 £199 £335
6 juices £85 £225 £375


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