Updates to our Deliveries

We will shortly we stopping our evening delivery option. Click here to read why. We are happy to help you schedule your cleanse to make it as convenient as possible with the delivery options available. Please contact us if you'd like any assistance. 

Summer Solstice

As you all know we encourage seasonal cleansing as it acts as a really helpful marker for the passing of time, connects us to the rhythms of nature and prepares us for the season ahead. Why not take this one step further and cleanse with the Summer Solstice? Click here to read more


We like to take a whole mind, body, soul approach to each cleanse. To really make space for ourselves over the course of the 3 - 5 days and take inventory. We like to use this as an opportunity to set some goals and track our progress from our last cleanse. Click here to read more. 

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