New juices incoming!

We're excited to share we have 4 new drinks! Meet Coco Greens; Pure Celery (for the hardcore amongst you) and two delicious new mylks - Hazelnut & Almond Mylk and Almond Mylk. Head to our Juices page for more information or book them now in a Build Your Own cleanse.


Following our surey we decided to change the names of some of our existing juices as we felt it would be helpful to have names that reflected them better. On all the juices with updated names we've put a note in the description with the old name, so you can still find your old favourites!

Gold standard lab testing

We are very pleased to share that our juice range has undergone the gold standard of lab testing at a UKAS accredited laboratory. We recognise the importance of having nutritional information that is reliable, and we are delighted to share this with you. Read more on our blog.

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