Have you always wanted to include supplements in your diet but didn't know quite what you need, when? We love the VITL Essentials Kit providing a 28-day supply of handy, daily strips of vitamins, minerals, and omega 3, covering all your bases. Get started today for just £5 for your first month! Simply click HERE to redeem.

Winter Warming Porridge

There's nothing like a warming bowl of porridge to get us up on a wintery morning but it can get a little samey. Head on over to our blog to have a look at some of our favourite recipes to mix things up a little! 

Healthy Hot Chocolate

Have you ever tried gently warming our Cacao Cashew Milk on the hob? If not then we would recommend trying it immediately! Made with antioxidant and magnesium rich raw cacao, it's tastes just like an indulgent hot chocolate when actually is a very healthy alternative. Enjoy! 

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