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At Radiance our aim is to provide you with the highest quality nutritional juice cleanse programmes to easily and conveniently support your health. Our bigger aim is to encourage and enable you to take a natural and holistic approach to your wellbeing. This includes diet and nutrition, fitness, skincare and other complementary fields.

To this end, we work with a selective group of internationally renowned experts so that we and you can benefit from their extensive experience.

Dalton Wong

Fitness Expert

Dalton is one of the leading personal trainers in the world. He is a master of sculpting strong, lean bodies and can regularly be found training A-list celebrities for huge movie roles.

He is the founder of TwentyTwo Training in London, a high performance personal training studio that offers a 360 degree approach to fitness.

Dalton's approach is to combine and support exercise, nutrition and lifestyle in a holistic way. He encourages clients not to think of fitness as a chore or something that needs to be done. Fitness should be fun and enjoyable so it becomes an integral part of your life. He suggests making a seasonal change, or doing a variety of classes or workout types across the week. Whatever activity you do it must be enjoyable and sustainable.

Dalton is the co-creator of our Active Cleanse.

Health Expert - Dalton Wong: Fitness Expert

Midi Fairgrieve

Executive Nutritional Therapist

Midi is originally from the Scottish Borders and worked in radio broadcasting before changing direction in 1990 to study natural health and healing. She gained professional qualifications in Nutritional Medicine, Dietary Therapeutics and Iridology from the British School of Nutritional Medicine in London with Professor Lawrence Plaskett.

Her experience of working with both cancer and infertility with specific detoxification regimes has given her great insights into the power of detoxification and inspired her to adopt an approach which is uniquely holistic. This was her inspiration for founding Detox International, where people could come and retreat for a week, detoxify, nurture their bodies and minds and be supported to find better health and happiness. Midi’s personal experience of overcoming infertility using nutrition and detoxification has increased her passion for working with clients to regain the best of health.

Midi has written for many magazines and health publications and is also a published author.

Health Expert - Midi Fairgrieve: Executive Nutritional Therapist

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