Our Values


We only believe in creating the highest quality, raw and unpasteurised, cold-pressed juices from fresh organic ingredients. We have committed to using organic as we believe this is a better choice for our bodies and for the environment. There is a lot of confusion today about what makes a product organic. The phrase ‘we use organic where possible’ can be misleading and an attempt to persuade consumers to think products are better than they are. So who and what to trust? It’s easy - just look for the Soil Association seal, which represents the highest organic standards to date. This is your best assurance that what is in the bottle is safe and healthy for your body and our environment. Radiance® is the first Soil Association certified organic juice cleanse available in the UK.

Because it all comes down to the ingredients, we want ours to be the best possible: nutritious, organic, clean and safe. Relying on these criteria make our juices profoundly different - the perfect antidote to the stress and toxicity of modern life. Our ingredients will always be fresh as we know these taste best. We won’t pasteurise or ‘flash’ pasteurise our juices as this essentially means ‘cooking’ them and destroys the nutrients they contain. We won’t freeze our juices to extend their shelf life.

We use a Commercial cold-press juicer. This machine extracts the highest levels of vitamins, minerals and enzymes from our organic produce; far higher than any normal juicer that you could buy in a shop. This is especially true for low-yielding but nutrient powerhouse greens like kale, spinach and parsley. The process results in minimum oxidation of the juice, which means that your juices stay fresher, better tasting and more nutritious for longer (up to three days).


We want your cleanse to be as easy as possible and we strive to give the highest level of customer service that we can. From helping you choose the most suitable cleanse for your personal needs and goals to guiding you on how to eat post cleanse, we want the process to be professional, friendly, expedient and effective.

If you have a problem or a question we’d like to know about it and will try to resolve it as soon as possible in the way most helpful to you.

We have an in-house nutritional therapist on hand to help with any questions. We also have a network of complementary practitioners that we work with across the UK, so if you are looking for a different kind of expertise to support you then we will be happy to help you find it.


We don't advocate an all or nothing lifestyle and we are not preachy or super strict. We generally like to work to the 80/20 rule of aiming to be ‘good’ for 80 per cent of the time and allowing a little indulgence for the other 20. We believe that the best foundation for health is to eat whole, unprocessed foods as close to nature intended, mostly from plant-sources. Check out our blog for lots of ideas on healthy recipes to try between your cleanses.

Ultimately we want you to be healthy and well, and for us to be part of the solution. So if you are looking to hit the reset button after overdoing it a little or just want help maintaining your glow then we will be here.


We care about the environment and try to run our business responsibly, from our ingredients, through the cleaning products in our kitchen to our packaging. We do as few deliveries as possible to reduce our ‘juice miles’. We work closely with our fruit and vegetable suppliers and try to source locally in the first instance.

We use recyclable PET1 bottles, which we encourage you to recycle. Our cool bags are made in an ethical factory from 99% recyclable materials, so you can choose to either re-use them (the best option!) or recycle them. If you are a regular customer you can also return them to us. The cardboard boxes we use for transporting your juices are the most environmentally sound and of course can be recycled too.

the first
Soil Association certified organic juice cleanse available in the UK

We have an in-house nutritional therapist on hand to help

we want you to be healthy and well, and for us to be part of the solution

our hydraulic press juicer extracts the highest levels of nutrients

we use fresh ingredients for the best taste

Established London 2009
100% Organic Cold-Pressed
Delivered across the UK