We are committed to producing and delivering our juices in the most sustainable way possible. Read on to find out how you can re-use or recycle almost every component in this box.

Our packaging is reviewed regularly, to ensure its carbon footprint is as minimal as possible. Below is a helpful guide to our packaging, and how you can help us minimise our impact by re-using or recycling the different components.

All our Organic juices are made in-house in the UK, and we are investing in green initiatives at our manufacturing site too. Our buildings and systems are energy efficient, and we produce our juices to order, meaning we never make more than we need. We don’t hold stock, and every juice is made by hand, especially for you.

1 // RPet Bottles
RPet has a smaller carbon footprint than glass and aluminium. It takes less energy to produce, and is lighter to transport. Made from 100% recyclable plastic, and are fully recyclable. You can leave the labels on when you recycle them.

2 // Caps
Fully recyclable.

3 // Ice Gel Packs
These are reusable, great to use alongside your coolbag. You can also cut open, pour non toxic contents down the sink and recycle the plastic in the normal way with other plastic materials.

4 // Welcome Pack and Stationary
Compostable paper, and easily recycled paper and card. We are moving to sending the majority of our Cleanse Guide information by email to reduce unnecessary printing.

5 // Coolbag
These are designed to be re-usable, and used again and again. However, if clients wish to recycle: The outer material is NWPP (Non-Woven Polyproylene), which is made from recyclable plastic. The inner lining is a hard-wearing aluminium foil, again which is recyclable.The inner & outer materials is made from a plastic sponge / foam, again which is recyclable. The only aspect not recyclable is the zip.

6 // Tape
Compostable, plastic free and natural glue.

7 // Radiance Box
These are cardboard, and can be easily recycled.

Established London 2009
100% Organic Cold-Pressed
Delivered across the UK