Cleansing Over the Spring Equinox

by Clare Ward,

With the Spring Equinox falling this Friday we asked our Executive Nutritional Therapist, Midi Fairgrieve, why she feels this is such a powerful time of year to cleanse.

"Spring is THE time of purification, healing and rejuvenation. It is a time to cleanse ourselves of winter’s residue and open ourselves to exciting new possibilities.  It is the most harmonious time of the year for fasting and cleansing body and mind.  

It is a particularly important time for our health and wellbeing since all living things are influenced by nature’s rhythms and cycles, such as the pull of the moon or the change of the seasons. Many of these influences have been observed and integrated into human culture and healing philosophies for thousands of years due to their effect on our health.  

All of nature’s rhythms and cycles affect us to some degree but it’s our ability to respond to that effect that is so fundamental. If we can’t respond fully to the cycles around us then we can become ill. There are countless cycles which affect us from 2 hour cycles, as observed in Chinese medicine, to 26,000 year cycles of the Universe. All of these can influence our health and wellbeing.

In terms of detox, one of the most powerful times of year is right now! During the Spring Equinox (20th March) when we can harness the powerful equinox energies to boost our health. Every living thing on earth will respond to the energies of the equinox by releasing toxicity from the cells, including us. Why this is so important in relation to DETOX is because if you get this excess toxicity out of your body fully and effectively now, in the spring time, then you are far more likely to remain healthy for the rest of the year – making a spring detox the perfect time to cleanse. A short period of juice fasting helps to release stored toxins and paves the way for a healthy year ahead."

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Clare's top 4 tips for completing a successful cleanse

by Clare Ward, , link
  1. Pick a time frame that is realistic. Three days is long enough to achieve good results but short enough to be psychologically manageable.
  2. Prepare for your cleanse by introducing a pre-cleanse diet (high in fruit, vegetables and wholefoods) for the three to five days before your cleanse. This helps prepare your body for a juicing cleanse and typically reduces the detox symptoms that you may experience during a cleanse.
  3. Pick a time when you don’t have lots of social plans – it makes it harder on yourself if you put yourself in temptation’s way, for example by going to a dinner with friends.
  4. Try to book in some quality time for yourself during your cleanse, whether it’s going to your favourite yoga class or having a massage or facial. It creates a ritual of the whole cleanse process and is a bit of a treat.

Q&A with Imelda Burke, founder of Content

by Clare Ward, , link

Imelda Burke is founder of our favourite natural and organic apothecary, Content Beauty/Wellbeing. She's also the author of The Nature of Beauty: Organic Skincare, Botanical Beauty Rituals and Clean Cosmetics, our absolute go-to guide for why you need to use natural skincare and make up products and which ones are the best.

Why did you become interested in natural and organic beauty and healthy eating?

I was always found hanging around health food stores – even when I was studying fashion design – so I have always been interested in the health benefits of foods and natural medicine. Throughout my childhood I had suffered with a skin condition that I was prescribed a medicated cream for. When I moved to the UK from NZ I had to find a similar product and started looking into ingredients. Like most people, what I had been putting on my whole body for 25+ years , was one of the last things I had considered as part of my ‘health’ regime. Once I discovered what was in this product I set about searching for a more natural alternative. This lead me back into the beauty aisle in health foods stores and ultimately to setting up CONTENT. I wanted to provide a store for people who wanted to shop in a more boutique environment.

How would you describe your food philosophy?

Varied! Growing up in NZ where food is almost as much of a national pastime as rugby and going to the beach, I try to ensure my diet contains a little bit of everything. There are several things I try and do everyday – green juice or smoothie, drinking lots of herbal teas, include raw food and sauerkraut or Kim Chi with most meals and of course a dose of raw cacao in place of (my beloved) coffee which I no longer drink (it has a terrible affect on my skin!).  I do avoid dairy and gluten but won’t turn down a slice of Hackney Wild traditional sourdough from E5 Bakery or an unpasteurised goats cheese if it’s on the menu. I like preparing and shopping for food to be a social occasion and enjoy shopping for organic food locally whether it be at the now famous Newington Green Vegetable store, Mother Earth or the two local farmers markets in my area. I can’t remember the last time I visited a supermarket.

What are your top three beauty foods?

Green Juice (although that probably counts as several foods) I find makes a huge difference to my skin. Oily fish – can’t beat the omega 3’s. Sauerkraut and Kombucha or any fermented raw foods. A healthy digestive system makes a big difference to the skin.

What is your guilty indulgence?

Amongst certain circles I have become known as the ‘un’official world expert on raw cacao. Name a country and I can tell you the best raw chocolate to purchase! So I’d have to say chocolate (but only the raw variety), although staying up late would come a close second. I’m a dedicated night owl since birth, but it’s terrible for the skin!

Do you have any must-pack items to stay on track while travelling?

Definitely, I do the super long haul back to NZ at least once a year. On board I take the Pure Synergy Greens, Radiance C (to ward off plane illness), Annee De Mamiels Altitude Oil, Four Sigma Foods Medicinal Mushrooms and take some healthy snacks to avoid the plane food. 

What are the supplements that you feel are most important for healthy vibrant skin?

A green super food powder, for when you don’t have time to juice or to add to smoothies. Omega 3, plus Zinc can be helpful if you are prone to spots. I drink our Skin Tea formulated for us by our Nutritionist and medical Herbalist Jennifer Derham everyday.

What are your can't live without skincare products?

This could be a long list! But this is a very edited version of what I always have to hand….

• May Lindstrom The Clean Dirt 

• Tata Harper Hydrating Floral Essence and Boosted Contouring Serum.

• Amala Intensive Brightening Mask

• RMS Beauty Oil 

• Coconut Oil - the best make-up remover

• Pai Skincare Comfrey and Calendula Body Lotion

• Lina Hanson Global Body Serum

• Therapie Himalayan Detox Salts

• Absolution Le Sérum Anti-Soif 

• Soapwalla Deodorant Cream

What are your favourite complementary therapies?

I’m a huge fan of both herbal medicine and acupuncture. They have been life changing for my health. 

What's your favourite juice combination?

Pear, fennel, mint, lime, kale and ginger

How do you balance your busy work schedule with looking after your own health?

It’s a constant battle. I love what I do and we have the best customers - the shop can sometimes feel like a wellbeing ‘get together’ and people pop in often just to say hi, so often it doesn’t feel like work! I’m a big believer in wellbeing coming from the combination of small things that you do every day rather than grand gestures, so I try and make sure my list of little rituals gets ticked off each day. A little something fun, something for your mind and something for your body each day does a lot for your total wellbeing.


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