Glow and Thrive: AMLY x Radiance Cleanse Giveaway

by Emily Wood,

Win the Ultimate Beauty & Wellbeing Package Worth Over £400!  

We've partnered with AMLY, the active botanical skincare brand to bring you an exciting chance to win a package that will leave you glowing inside and out! The Prize Includes:

3 day Radiance Signature Cleanse

Our original all-purpose cleanse combines fruit and vegetable juices with a nut mylk for added protein. Perfect for your first cleanse or if you want our easiest cleanse.

AMLY's Radiance Collection

Radiance Boost Face Mist

Day Light Face Oil

All-Over Radiance Body Essence



Why We Love AMLY

Founded in 2015 by two best friends Kerry and Lisa, AMLY was born on their organic farm in the heart of the English countryside, AMLY prides themselves in only using natural ingredients. Natural springwater, sourced from beneath their wildflower meadows, is a core ingredient. Within this living water, potent bioactive compounds are synergised with their essential oils and floral waters, creating a refined alchemy that visibly rejuvenates the skin. AMLY also cares deeply about the planet and giving back, which is why they donate 1% of their revenue from their Deep Reveal Cleansing Balm to Plant Life.

Prepare for the Summer Ahead!

This gorgeous prize is perfect for rejuvenating your skin and body just in time for summer. The AMLY Radiance Collection will leave your skin looking fresh, radiant, and hydrated, while our 3-day Radiance Signature Cleanse will detoxify and energise your body from within.Whether you want to kickstart a healthier lifestyle or treat yourself to exquisite self-care, this package has everything you need to glow this summer.



In Conversation with Fleur Sladen, founder of Blooming Blends

by Clare Ward, , link

We've long used flower remedies; from helping manage school exam stress, to aiding a good nights sleep. So discovering Blooming Blends modern elixirs was a joy. 

We caught up with Fleur Sladen, founder of Blooming Blends, to talk about the growing interest in the healing power of plants, and her daily rituals for wellbeing.

What made you start Blooming Blends? 

I started Blooming Blends as I was working long hours working in a kitchen and I wanted to find a natural herbal product to help give me energy, strength, and balance for those moments when I needed it.  During my search for the ideal product, I discovered the incredible world of botanical tinctures.  I totally fell in love with this traditional way of taking herbs, feeling their immediate benefits and the ease in which you use them.  I found that tinctures in the UK were limited, there was little information, they were not very approachable and not readily available for everyone - you had to know what you were looking for.  I wanted to change this and show everyone how wonderful tinctures are and to take people back to the roots of how our ancestors maintained their wellbeing.  And so Blooming Blends was born.

What impact do you think herbal and flower remedies can have?

The more we learn about the benefits of herbal and flower remedies the better!  We have lost our way of natural healing. I think tinctures help reconnect us to the past and how we traditionally took plants and herbs to heal, uplift and balance ourselves.  Interestingly, tinctures are herbal teas but on a much, much more potent level.  Our modern minds don't question drinking chamomile tea, but if we are offered that in a tincture form we question it as ineffective and hocus pocus.  I am on a mission to change this point of view!

You're a veteran of the wellbeing industry having run a successful food delivery service. How do you think it's changed, and do you think there is a growing appreciation of more traditional approaches?

Definitely people are becoming more open to alternative remedies and are looking to the past at how our ancestors looked after their health.  A positive impact from covid is that people became more aware of their general wellbeing and with the rise of the internet people can easily find the information they need and there are many fantastic brands out there.

What makes Blooming Blends special?

We are special because we really love and believe in our tinctures and are passionate about spreading the word of how amazing herbs are.  Our tinctures are carefully crafted so that all the botanicals used in each blend work in synergy together to help support that moment of need.  Our extraction process of the botanicals themselves, is also unique.  We are able to make our tinctures alcohol-free, while still ensuring that the herbal benefits from each plant and herb is at its highest potency.   Our tinctures also taste delicious and are often referred to tasting like 'herbal honey'.

How do you balance the hectic pace of running a business and everyday life?

Often I get it very wrong as I'm terrible with time management, but I try to be outside as much as possible, either in my garden or walking my dogs to help clear my head and take me away from being in 'office-mode'.  I find it really important to step away from the world of emails, instagram and budget worries and think about family, life and food!

How do you look after yourself and maintain your wellbeing?

I enjoy being as active as possible.  My mother told me that you're at your best when you enter your're never going to look or feel as young or be as fit!  And I took this advice quite seriously!  I'm 47 now, so I have spent my forties trying to be as healthy as possible.  Food is really important and the quality of the produce.  I also have quite a rigorous skin care routine and obviously I'm obsessed with my tinctures but I also take other supplements such as curcumin for anti-inflammatory and a good probiotic.  I'm mad about Hello Day and The Herbtender products.  And lastly Reformer pilates.  It's a fabulous support for making all your limbs strong (really important that your legs are strong) and it tries to keep my pot belly under control!

We loved that Fleur's approach to maintaining her health seems really practical and achievable. We have also tried some of the tinctures and they have been really helpful. For more information on the range visit

Cleansing and collaborating with Katia Narain Phillips

by Clare Ward, , link

We are absolutely delighted to have collaborated with Katia Narain Phillips visionary founder of Phyto Nectars, to create our brand new limited edition Phyto Adaptogenic Cleanse. We caught up with her to discuss all things Phyto Nectars and cleansing. 

We love that we're finally starting to understand and utilise the benefits of mushrooms and adaptogenics.  What led you to creating Phyto Nectars?

The seed for Phyto Nectars was planted 8 years ago whilst sitting with my now very close friend and co founder Michael Isted.  I was about to open my second health food cafe in Triyoga and we were dreaming up all the possibilities for the cafe and beyond. When covid hit and I closed my cafe, we decided to see it to fruition.

We are delighted to have collaborated with you to create the Phyto Adaptogenic Cleanse. Could you tell us a bit more about why you chose the specific juices and nut mylk?

I love having Celery Juice first thing in the morning, it helps to reduce inflammation and improves digestion. Followed by a Golden Glow, this juice is absolutely delicious, warming and sweet. It gives you the kick you need.  I then have the Almond Mylk at lunch time, it's so creamy and it fills me up. The Ginger Pure Greens, to get all my greens in. This one doesn’t have fruit in it, and it works well after the sweeter Almond Mylk to have something more savoury.  The Ginger & Turmeric Shot is a burst of energy when you're feeling low energy. I finish with the Root Boost so I have as much colour and variety in the juices.

We know you are a seasoned juice cleanser. What do you find to be the benefits of a juice cleanse?

I like to do a 3 day juice cleanse as a way to just take a pause and reevaluate my eating habits. It’s a reset, a pause to make better decisions. Once I do the cleanse, I dont want to eat ultra processed foods, and I tend to eat more home cooked food and make bette decisions about what I put in my body.

You tried the cleanse yourself. How did you find the combination of the juices with the Phyto Nectars?

I absolutely loved the combination.  I AM FOCUSED was a great start to the day to give me extra energy and focus and replace tea in the morning, and I AM RESTED is so warming in the evening, I would get such a good nights sleep.

How do you like to take the PhytoNectars? 

I mostly drink them like a tea, sometimes if I want something creamy, I will make it into a latte, and if it's boiling hot out, with ice and sparkling water.

What are the other blends in the range and what are they good for?

We have four blends in the range. Each blend is a combination of plants, mushrooms and vitamins. They are a combination of Ayurvedic and Chinese traditional medicine. They were formulated By Michael Isted, who is a herbalist and nutritionist.

  • I AM RESILIENT - helps to reduce inflammation, support the immune system and reduce fatigue
  • I AM RADIANT - for dewy, voluptuous skin, nourishing and moisturising from the inside out
  • I AM RESTED - helps increase quality of sleep and calms the nervous system
  • I AM FOCUSED - helps increase memory, concentration, energy and reduces stress

How would you recommend that people support themselves when doing a cleanse?

I think you shouldn’t be rigid. Have flexibility and do what your body needs. It is not a competition and there is no failing. I would take all my juices out in the morning so that they were room temperature and not cold. I would also make a small vegetable soup. Just boiling up onion, courgette, sweet potato, and tomatoes with water. I would have a small bowl of the vegetable soup if I needed it. Having the warm Phyto’s also helped when my body temperature dropped.

How would you suggest that people transition from the cleanse and prolong the benefits?

I would try and stay off caffeine for as long as possible, replacing it with I AM FOCUSED. I mainly eat steamed vegetables, brown rice, soups, and slowly introduce complex foods. This transition will promote a sense of well-being, allowing you to evaluate what's no longer beneficial. When reintroducing bread, pasta, and meats, I'd prioritize quality, ingredients, and opt for organic and less processed options where possible. 

Katia, thank you so much for your time and for giving us this insight into our collaboration. We hope that everyone loves the cleanse as much as we do. Click here for full details of the Phyto Adaptogenic Cleanse. 

Established London 2009
100% Organic Cold-Pressed
Delivered across the UK