Facialist Abigal James's at-home cleanse

by Christina Agnew,

At Radiance we have for a long time been big fans of super facialist Abigail James. We totally subscribe to her 'trio of youth' philosophy: your skin will be its most beautiful if you:

  1. use clean, nature based, effective products
  2. eat a healthy diet rich in fruit and vegetables (and do our Beauty Boost Cleanse regularly!)
  3. schedule hands-on facial treatments.

We took the chance to ask Abigail a couple of questions to help you get glowing skin.

What is your must-do skincare tip and why?

Massage your face! Massage is so important in keeping the skin and facial contour alive and healthy. You can eat the right foods and apply the right products but to go that one step further adding in facial massage will enhance the visible results. It not only feels great but it also brings key nutrients to the skin cells by increasing blood flow - totally natural nourishment. It also helps with cell turnover which will keep the skin looking fresh. This has a knock-on effect with the lymphatic system which is there to aid in the detoxification process, removing toxins from the skin, improving a dull, puffy complexion and general skin luminosity. Don't worry about only going upwards with your massage movements - yes that aids with gravity but the lymphatic system actually drains down and out towards the ears and neck.

Find step-by-step instructions for facial massage on Abigail's blog.

Could you describe for us a facial treatment that we could do at home when on a cleanse?

Most skins benefit from a touch of steam to aid in the cleansing process and also to further penetrate oils and serums for deeper hydration. As a once-a-week skin treat try cleansing with your normal cleanser, removing all makeup. I like to use a plain almond oil for removing eye makeup; the type you would cook with is perfect. Fill the sink or a large cooking bowl with hot water. You could add 2 -3 drops of essential oils: lavender and geranium are great for all skins; sage and lemon are personal favourites especially for a slightly more congested skin; and lavender and lemon together are ideal. You could massage a small amount of your favourite face oil onto your skin then cover your head with a towel and steam your face for 5-10 minutes. Don't go too close to the water as you don't want to overheat and and stress the skin, ending up looking like a beetroot!

Remove excess oil and water from the skin with a flannel or muslin, finish with a clean damp cold cloth held on the face to close the pores and contract facial muscles. After steaming apply a serum such as Sophyto organic antioxidant serum and vitamin treatment - these are going to absorb really well after a steam and be a really healthy skin feed from the outside.

Beauty Boost cleanse launches today!

by Clare Ward, , link

We are proud to announce the launch of our brand new Beauty Boost Cleanse. It is the first juice cleanse in the UK to be specifically targeted at promoting skin health. We have worked with dermatologist, Sarah Walsh, in developing our juice recipes to ensure a full spectrum of skin boosting ingredients. It includes four brand new juice recipes and our new unique Brazil nut milk with coconut butter and tocotrienols.

It is priced £245 for three days and £395 for five days. If you'd like more information or to book your Beauty Boost cleanse please call us now on 07780 001 432 or email us at info@radiancecleanse.com.

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