Check The Label - Organic Skincare

by Christina Agnew,

We care about what we put on our bodies as much as we do about what we put in them. So we want our juices to be organic and our cleanser and moisturiser as well. However, while there is a legal standard for whether you can refer to food and drink as organic there isn't one for skincare. The Soil Association certification mark shows that you can trust us when we say that Radiance juices are organic and we look for the same validation when we are buying skincare. The Soil Association's #campaign4clarity encourages you to do the same thing. Don't be fooled by a product that claims it's organic when in fact it only contains one organic ingredient. Instead, look for the Soil Association logo. It's proudly displayed by one of our favourite Brit brands, Pai. And there is a whole organic selection available at Content.

New Superfood Blends From Naturya

by Christina Agnew, , link


At an amazing Hemsley & Hemsley supper club recently we were seated beside the lovely team from Naturya. Known for their nutrient-rich superfoods like chlorella, maca and acai powder, they have also launched a line of chocolate, green and fruit blends. While we are big proponents that some of the healthiest foods are the simplest (and cheapest!), like broccoli and kale, there's equally a time and place to up the ante with the occasional scoop of superfoods in your blender. Use the Greens Blend in any juice or smoothie or try the Choc Blend in a mug of warm nut milk before bedtime.

The Green Life with Bodil Blain

by Christina Agnew, , link

We are absolutely obsessed with the cold brew almond latte and raw cacao mocha that we created in collaboration with CRU Kafe for their summer pop up at the London Riviera. So we are thrilled to learn more about one of CRU's co-founders, Bodil Blain. 

Bodil Blain headshot

How was CRU Kafe born?

In my friend's kitchen. I watched her empty out the Nespresso coffee in one of their pods and fill it with her favourite artisan blend. It got me thinking why not create a company that put the best tasting coffee in the world into a Nespresso compatible pod but make the whole thing eco friendly. That’s why our coffee goes into a biodegradable pod. If you love the morning ritual of your favourite cup of coffee then CRU Kafe upgrades this to 100% organic coffee from Arabica beans, with no nasty chemicals and no unethical practices. You can even set up a subscription delivery to your door of our Nespresso friendly capsules in a range of blends.

You are a great advocate for a healthy lifestyle: how do you like to work out?

I love running, mountain hiking and skiing. I grew up playing lots of sports in Norway. I prefer being outside as I think we spend far too much time inside in London. Hyde park is my saving grace!

We love to balance out our coffees with a cold pressed green juice. What's your philosophy on healthy eating?

Don’t let your blood sugar plummet and come stocked with healthy snacks and drinks. I try not to eat things that are processed.  

Do you have any natural beauty routines or rituals you'd be willing to share?

Every Sunday night I pamper myself and use every lotion and potion I own. I follow my friend Clemency Von Muefflings newsletter Beauty and Wellbeing. They make great recommendations as I believe beauty products can do more harm than good. I do swear by Vitamin C serums, hydrations masks, sleep and Yvonne Martins facials. 

You travel a lot so do you have any good tips for staying well?

A Berocca before and after a flight, juicing, and of course CRU coffee to stay awake and to make sure my digestion is working well.  

What's your favourite juice combination?

Anything with carrot in it. I'm a big fan of your Vibrant Veg juice.

What's your favourite way to enjoy your coffee?

I am a flat white girl. And of course a CRU Kafe x Radiance Cold Brew Latte!


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