Radiance and 5:2

by Holly Wood,



Research is constantly ongoing in the health and nutrition industry on the benefits of techniques such as intermittent fasting for weight loss. As a juice cleansing company, we’ve always been huge advocates of the benefits of fasting – whatever way you choose to do that.

Radiance is known for its Signature 3 and 5 day ‘juice only’ programmes, but we do have an ever increasing number of clients using our organic, cold pressed juices for a delicious and convenient way to structure their weekly ‘fast days’ - such as in the 5:2 or 16:8.

If you would like to try this, we would recommend a box of six juices (no nut milks!) delivered weekly to use on your fast days. Enjoy three juices per day and find out for yourselves the benefits fasting can bring to your health!

If you would like assistance putting together a bespoke package – contact the team on info@radiancecleanse.com or 0203 433 8163 and we would be happy to help.

Radiance Refresh

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We’re thrilled to announce positive changes that we’ve made here at Radiance in response to our 2019 client feedback questionnaire.

Two of the key things you told us would make a real difference to you were increased delivery options and being rewarded for being loyal clients to Radiance.

Well over 50% of you expressed a preference for a Monday start date. So, we are thrilled to now be able to offer this delivery option not just to London but to the rest of the UK too. From 1st   July 2019, we will be offering a nationwide fresh Monday morning service with DPD.

We also listened to feedback that 73% of you felt that cleansing would be beneficial either monthly or quarterly, and that price was the main reason behind not being able to do so. We’re strong believers that our pricing needs to be aligned to our value to you, not based on our costs. We are truly passionate about our clients getting the maximum benefits from juicing as regularly as possible – and we learnt long ago to listen and trust our clients.

As a result, we’ve made the brave and bold decision to lower our pricing so you’re able to enjoy Radiance juices more regularly to get the most benefit and the best value from our service.

Alongside this, we’ve also been working on our client loyalty scheme. Our clients are the reason Radiance is where it is today, and we want to reward you! We know life can be busy, and codes and emails can be tricky to keep track of. So now we have one simple system, where for clients booking within three months of each cleanse (quarterly cleansing), you’ll receive an automatic 10% loyalty discount. 

With 10 years of experience behind us, and your feedback to validate it – we know you love the product, so we haven’t and won’t ever change anything here. We want to reassure you that our product offering, quality and service will always remain the same – we just hope you’ll be able to enjoy more of it.

Bank Holiday Deliveries

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Bank Holiday Dates

May always brings us a treat in the form of two bank holiday weekends and the chance to really reset and rest. With two three-day weekends take some time out and focus on what you want to achieve. If part of that is a better healthy lifestyle balance, then a cleanse is a great start.

Over the bank holiday we adjust our delivery options a little:

·        Last Delivery will be Friday 24th May (morning)

·        Recommence on Tuesday 28th May (London) Wednesday 29th May (Nationwide)

Make sure to enjoy your bank holiday weekend, life is all about balance after all. 

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