Our 5 favourite last minute Valentine's gifts

by Christina Agnew,

1. NEOM Luxury Organics Scent With Love Home Scenting Gift Set £42.50. So many home scents are actually made from toxic chemicals that we try to avoid, especially if there are young children around. This is something different. The set contains a reed diffuser, travel candle and pillow mist to help you drift off to sleep.


2. Booja Booja Organic Raw Ecuadorian Raspberry Truffles (8 pack) £7.39. This is our top pick Brit brand for the highest quality raw chocolates.


3. Strange Invisible Perfumes Aquarian Roses £175. We thought it was impossible to find an organic, fair trade, wild crafted and biodynamically cultivated scent that smells as divine as this one, then we found it!

4. FIG + YARROW Pink Love Salts £7.54. Heart-stirring essential oils in mineral-rich Himalayan pink salts for nourishing detox and relaxation.


5. Beauty Rest Day £90. The ultimate investment in looking radiant, from the inside out. The juices were formulated with input from a dermatologist and are packed full of skin-friendly vitamins, anti oxidants and essential fats. 


An insanely good offer from Atelier Liberty for Valentine's day

by Christina Agnew, , link

Atelier Liberty have kindly let us share with you their exclusive offer to get you looking incredible for Valentine's Day, at an unbelievable price. The details are below. Please quote "Radiance" if you would like to book in.



How to go raw this month, in 3 easy steps

by Christina Agnew, , link

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