Daily Health Upgrades 2016 - Gracie Tyrrell of Squirrel Sisters

by Christina Agnew,

In our ongoing search to find delicious and healthy snacks we were thrilled to come across Squirrel Sisters' yummy bars. Founded by sisters Gracie and Sophie Tyrrell, these new bars work well pre or post workout as well as giving you an energy hit between meals.

Co-founder Gracie shared the daily health upgrades she and her sister are committing to making for 2016:

1. Use more coconut oil, starting with using it as a body skin moisturiser after showering. It's 100% natural and makes your skin so smooth. Skin is so important to confidence and although we both have a good facial skin routine, we can sometimes be a bit lazy with moisturising the rest of our body. 
2. Drink more filtered water. Yes it's not new but both of us find we always forget to drink water, so we want to make it more of a daily routine to see if it makes a difference to how we feel and function. Filtered water is so much better for you than normal tap water as well.
3. Schedule some 'me time' and don't feel guilty about it. Having some time to yourself is so important, especially when you lead quite a hectic lifestyle. So, because 2016 is going to be a very busy year for us, to avoid getting stressed we are planning on allowing ourselves 30-60 minutes a day (whether that's a workout in the morning before work, or a bath in the evening when work has finished) to be alone and relax. 

Daily Health Upgrades 2016 - Annie Morris of Spoon Cereals

by Christina Agnew, , link

In the first of our January Goody Bag series, we've asked Annie Morris of Spoon Cereals, our favourite simple high-quality granola brand, to share with us the 3 small, do-able health upgrades that she's committing to making to her daily routine in 2016.

Dragon's Den superstar Spoon Cereals was the brainchild of co-founder Annie, a self-confessed cereal addict who was on a constant search for a healthy, quality bowl of cereal on her way to work in the mornings. Here's a bit of 2016 inspiration for you from Annie's priority list:

1. Switching off all electronic devices an hour before bed
2. Making big batches of filling salads in the evenings to enjoy for lunch the following day. 
3. Something I live by all year round: move/exercise everyday.

January Goody Bag with your 5-Day Cleanse

by Christina Agnew, , link

Christmas may be over but we have more presents for you! We've put together an incredible goody bag of our favourite health products to get your new year off to the best possible start. This goody bag, worth over £100, will come free with 5-day cleanses booked in January 2016. So if you're planning a cleanse then make it count and go for 5 days to receive this unmissable gift. Whether you're considering upgrading your skincare, snacks or superfoods for 2016 we have you covered with new products or services that are going to make your life lighter, brighter and more radiant.

Here's a rundown of what's included. We'll be posting more throughout the month on each brand and why we love them. We hope you love what's in them as much as we do.  Book soon to take advantage of the offer as there are only a limited number of goody bags available! 


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