Are you getting the most from your juice?

by Christina Agnew,

We are often asked what makes Radiance juices superior quality and we think there are three main factors.

The first is that all Radiance juices are certified organic. We were the first juice cleanse delivery service ever to be certified by the Soil Association and we've always believed in the importance of organic. It simply makes sense to us that when you are consuming large quantities of fruit and vegetables in juice form that you should if possible avoid the pesticides that are used in conventional farming. Many of the largest volume ingredients in juices, including cucumber, celery and spinach, are on the Environmental Working Group's well-known "Dirty Dozen" list of fruit and vegetables that have the highest levels of pesticide exposure. There is even a separate category for leafy greens like kale which contain trace levels of highly hazardous pesticides. Bear in mind that, as the EWG states: "Pesticides are toxic by design. They are created expressly to kill living organisms - insects, plants and fungi that are considered “pests.” Many pesticides pose health dangers to people. These risks have been confirmed by independent research scientists and physicians across the world."

Secondly, we use a hydraulic juice press that is far more efficient at extracting nutritious juice than the typical at-home centrifugal juicer. Data shows that juices extracted this way contain approximately 15% more Vitamin C, 16% more Folate (B9) and 13% more Vitamin A. So if you're going to fill up on juices, make sure you get maximum vitamin content!

Lastly, we ensure that across our range we include as many vegetables as possible into our juices. This keeps the sugar content lower to reduce blood sugar instability and also packs in the vegetables that many of us struggle to eat enough of day to day. Our Pure Greens 3 and Pure Greens 4 contain no fruit at all other than a dash of lemon. But if that's not to your taste then Power Green and Root Boost still have a high vegetable content.

Overall, it's clear that all juice is not the same and the volume you're consuming on a juice cleanse makes it even more vital to drink only the best!

A new smoothie bowl for Spring

by Christina Agnew, , link

Radiance co-founder Clare is chief creator of smoothie bowl combinations amongst our team. Here's one that she blended up recently that deserves a spot in your weekly breakfast repertoire.

Blend together in a high powered blender:

250ml coconut water, almond milk or water
1/2 avocado
large handful of raspberries 
handful of spinach 
If you like it a bit sweeter: 2 dates or 1/2 tbsp maple syrup or honey
2 tbsp porridge oats
Arctic Power Berries Blueberry Powder
For topping:
coconut chips
bee pollen
Arctic Power Berries blueberry powder for decorating
extra fruit
Basically whatever you like - get creative! 

Valentine's Giveaway

by Christina Agnew, , link

We're spoiling you this Valentine's Day with an exclusive giveaway featuring our favourite love-inspired goodies. Follow us on Instagram and tag your Valentine to be in with a chance of winning this fantastic prize.

The prize includes:

Raw Halo

Chocolate and Valentine's Day historically go hand in hand! But what if that chocolate was raw, vegan, sugar free and dairy free? We have answered all your prayers with this angelic addition from Raw Halo. Included in the box is a 16 bar gift box of their Mylk + Pink Himalayan Salt, Mylk + Goji and Vanilla and Dark + Sour Cherry and Almond bars – all in their red and pink wrappers they are almost too pretty to eat!

Therapie Roques O'Neil

We have always held a flame (no pun intended) for Michelle Roques O'Neil's exquisite scent combinations (she also designed our bespoke bath salts) and her beautiful candles are no exception. Candles always seem to be the thing we never buy for ourselves but love to receive and they never fail to create a romantic atmosphere.

Too Wordy

Maeve at Too Wordy has become something of a virtual friend of ours. Having admired her beautiful typography from afar, we are now hooked. Turning to her for Christmas and birthdays, Valentine's seemed an obvious choice too. This gorgeous Love print and cards would be a perfect gift for your Valentine or yourself!


Using the precious ingredient White Oil, Gazelli products focus on improving skin’s ability to regenerate itself and absorb nutrients and oxygen. If you've got a big date planned then their Ultra Nourishing Saviour Mask will have your skin glowing in no time. And the rose extract in the Reviving Eye Cream makes it a perfect gift for Valentine's.


Obviously we couldn't finish a gift set without including some juices! You'll receive a box of 6 x 500ml juices of your choice. Our team are happy to help advise you on juice selection if you're not sure what you want.

Head over to Instagram now and enter! The prize will be drawn at the end of Valentine's Day.


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