Breakfast Inspiration from Primrose

by Alexandra Williams,


Do you have a quick, go-to breakfast you eat routinely? 

My quick go to breakfast is overnight beetroot muesli made with oat or almond milk - I love soft oats and this is both warming and nourishing and keeps my energy levels balanced for the morning.  I find beetroot and ginger very energising as well as it increases the circulation. 


If you're having breakfast on-the-go - would you recommend any spots to pick up a healthy option, or would you always try to pre prepare something yourself?

I am conscious of food to go packaging so if I know I am going to be on the hoof eating breakfast I tend to just put some overnight oats or overnight muesli  with extra chia seeds and 1/4 of a banana, peanut butter and lots of homemade oat or almond milk added in a nutribullet and blend so I can drink it on the move!

I always have a mini pack of granola in the car or a kilner jar of homemade trail mix.


When you have people staying, or are entertaining - what's your choice for feeding a crowd for breakfast or brunch? We always find it's difficult to have '1 thing' that works for everyone!

I do poached eggs on organic sourdough from a local artisan bakery with mashed avocado. Then I lay out a selection of my muesli and granola with Coyo for people to choose. An indulgent Saturday morning in alone - what do you love to make for yourself when you have a little more time.

I love making pancakes when I have the time. I am always playing around with combinations adding things like chestnut flour, oats, spices, honey, sweet potato and sprouted buckwheat flour tougher. They are so wholesome and delicious but still hit the comfort food box.


Do you find your breakfast's vary seasonally? 

  At this time of year I am making the most of all the fresh fruit on my doorstep. I have great fig trees at home so have been having those with wild blackberries and some local yogurt or kefir with nut butter before I eat any of the above! 

I am always experimenting with sourdoughs from new bakeries popping up near me and go through stages of having that with homemade jams for a week and then I won’t have it for months.

  In the winter I love having broth instead of tea first thing in the morning made from left over free range organic chicken bones. Whilst being nourishing for my gut it helps keep the immune system boosted too.


If you're treating yourself and heading out for brunch, where are your favourite places?

My favourite place for brunch in my local home town of Bridport is Soulshine Cafe. Everything is organic and they do wonderful fresh juices,pancakes, salads and gluten free cakes. 


 If I am in London I love going to The Tin Shed on all saints road in Portabello and having chilli avo mash and poached eggs on their homemade organic sourdough breakfast 

Radiance Goody Bags 2018

by Alexandra Williams, , link

Radiance 2018 Goody Bag

At Radiance, we love to treat our clients - and we're thrilled to announce the return of our very special Radiance Goody Bags for 2018. We've partnered with our favourite, tried and tested brands to create a luxurious wellness box encompassing beauty, nutrition and lifestyle.    
Worth over £150 -  Read on for the full breakdown of what's included...
Enter GOODYBAG18 at the checkout when ordering a 3 or 5 day cleanse to get your exclusive goody bag. We have a limited number of these very special bags, so book whilst stocks last...
1. A Votary Clarifying Facial Oil - Clary Sage and Peach - our secret to clearer skin - we're obsessed.
2. A 250g tub of one of Noble's delicious plant based blends - goodbye, coffee!
3. 1 Month Free Membership to Sheer Luxe VIP - London's hottest membership
4. 10 Day supply of Equi Original Formula - hello, better energy levels and beautiful skin!
5. A delicious Double Chocolate Brownie Gift box from Potage - our favourite London food delivery service.
6. A full size bottle of Symprove - our most trusted probiotic.
7. A relaxing playlist curated by Silver Linings Retreats - including a stylish memory stick. Try listening during your cleanse for ultimate relaxation...
8. Organic Bone Broth from Ossa - a fantastic, and delicious way to promote good gut health. 
9. Pack of Primrose's Kitchen Goji and Lemon Granola - the perfect post-cleanse breakfast.
10. A Dark+Nibs Raw and Organic chocolate bar from artisan producer Raw Halo - a treat that's too good to share.
Each Goody Bag will also include a few little extras from Radiance, but we'll keep those a surprise until you open yours! x


A Nutritionist's 1 Day Food Diary

by Alexandra Williams, , link

We asked Nutritionist Clarissa Lenherr to record what she ate in a day, and her top hacks for supercharging your nutrition with no deprivation attached...

1-day Food Diary


My diet varies depending on the season but typically I’ll have eggs for breakfast with coconut butter on some homemade nut and seed bread, plus a green juice or smoothie. Smoothies or juices are a great way to get leafy greens into your diet, providing the body with the plant based nutrients it needs.


If I need a snack, I tend to reach for something that provides some good quality fats and protein to help tide me over until the next meal. I always carry around sachets of nut butter with me in case I get hungry and don’t have time to find a snack. Other snacks I have as a staple in my home include brown rice cakes which I team with houmous, apple slices which I enjoy dunked in peanut butter and homemade energy balls which I store in the fridge. 


I like to make buddha bowls if I am eating at home, as it means I can add in a variety of flavours, textures and nutrients. My recent favourite is a mixture of purple cabbage, carrots, tomatoes, edamame beans, bean sprouts and greens, with a portion of cooked buckwheat noodles and some sliced tempeh. If I have some nuts at home, I will chop and sprinkle these on top for crunch. I like to dress my salads with citrus fruit juices, tamari and either flax or avocado oil to get some good quality fats on my plate. 


If I am looking for a sweet afternoon treat, I try to reach for some summer berries such as blueberries and have these with either some coconut yogurt and cinnamon or a handful of raw mixed nuts. If I fancy something savoury, one of my favourite go to snacks is tamari roasted pumpkin seeds, which I buy from Clearspring.


Dinner is always a more protein focused meal if I am eating at home. I cook for my partner and I most evenings, so I like to cook something I know he will also enjoy. A favourite of ours is grilled salmon, home-made sweet potato wedges, steamed vegetables and a tossed or chopped salad. Salmon is a really great source of omega-3 fatty acids and is high in protein, whereas the sweet potato is a good source of complex carbohydrates and provides beta-carotene, a form of vitamin A which when converted in the body is crucial for eye and skin health.

I like to finish my meals with something naturally sweet. In the summer I am really enjoying fresh watermelon and berries, but I also have a fondness for ice cream. Recently I have been making coconut milk and blueberry or banana and cashew milk ice cream. I don’t need to add any sugar due to the natural sugars found in the fruit, and the fats from the coconut and cashew make it creamy and filling!


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