How to combat mask-ne

by Olivia Cartwright,

If the lower half of your face is not behaving as usual at the moment, you might be experiencing maskne - skin irritation and breakouts caused by wearing a face mask. The constant friction, heat and pressure that the mask places on your face leads to a condition called acne mechanica whereby the skin’s barrier is compromised and becomes rough and irritated and small pimples start to appear. This combined with the humidity from your breath creates the perfect environment for trouble making bacteria and pathogens to thrive which can lead to deeper, more painful breakouts. 

It’s likely that we’ll all experience maskne at the moment, but luckily it’s relatively easy to manage with some lifestyle tweaks, the right products, and healing treatments.

What can you do?

1. Treat your masks in the same way you would treat your socks. Just as you wouldn’t put yesterday’s sweaty pair back on your feet, don’t pop yesterday’s sweaty mask back onto your face. This will increase the chances of more excess oil, bacteria and debris transferring back onto your skin where it can cause more irritation. Try to have a clean mask for every day - that way you only need to do one laundry wash a week.

2. Choose your fabric carefully - look for softer fabrics that will be less abrasive on your skin. This will minimise the risk of micro-abrasions which can weaken the skin barrier and cause irritation. Cotton and silk are both great, gentle materials.

3. Avoid wearing makeup on the area if you can - you really want to minimise the number of layers on the skin, as the mask is already occluding the area, trapping oil and heat and debris.

4. Look for barrier strengthening ingredients such as vitamin B and probiotics that will help rebuild the barrier function, protecting your skin from further damage. 

5. Keep up a strict cleansing routine. Double cleanse in the evening with gentle cleansers to really dissolve any lingering excess oil and microbes before you sleep.





Fermented food

by Olivia Cartwright, , link


The world of probiotics is a complex one. Fermented foods contain cultures that our bodies love. If your gut is your second brain then it is hugely important to look after it. Your gut microbiome thrives when it is been fed with diverse good bacteria. 

Not only does fermenting your food helps to enhance the preservation of foods, but eating fermented foods can also boost the number of beneficial bacteria, or probiotics, found in your gut. Regulating mood, boosting your immune system, decreasing inflammation, removing toxins, and assisting with both digestion and metabolism are some of the profound functions of probiotics and fermented food is the easiest and not to mention cheapest way to do this!

Fermented foods are far more potent than probiotic supplements. To give you an idea, 2 ounces of sauerkraut has more probiotics than 100 capsules. 4-6 ounces of fermented vegetables has around 10 trillion bacteria, compared to the average probiotic supplement that contains around 10 billion. In general, the diversity of the organisms present in fermented foods are far greater than those in supplements. 

It can be an acquired taste but don’t let that put you off. There are options for every taste preference. From sauerkraut to kimchi to kefir, to kombucha to yogurt there are a whole host of options for everyone! I like to have a shot of mango coconut kefir every morning before breakfast. 

Lymphatic drainage massage with Flavia Morellato

by Olivia Cartwright, , link

                                BEFORE                                                                       AFTER


Lymphatic drainage has long been a treatment we recommend on a cleanse for it’s incredible detoxing benefits but this is just one of the advantages! Lymphatic drainage aids circulation, weight loss, increases metabolism, reduces bloating and inflammation, supports the immune system and so much more. We have long been looking for a particular practitioner that we can direct our clients to and we think we’ve found just the person. 

Flavia Morellato's reputation precedes her and for very good reason. With a quick glance of her Instagram you will immediately see she has an a-list celebrity following and I completely understand why. Flavia’s warm energy is contagious and she was so inviting from the offset, making you feel incredibly comfortable even in a state of undress! Her passion for what she does is immediately apparent, it’s so obvious she truly loves caring for people. 

I have had a few lymphatic drainage massages in the past, typically whilst on a cleanse but it hasn’t always been the comfortable experience but this was quite the contrary, it felt great and you could feel the changes in your body instantly. Mid way through the massage she asked me to elevate the leg she had just finished and in comparison, my other side felt like it was filled with lead. I couldn’t believe the difference. 

Flavia told me that lymphatic drainage massage is considered commonplace in Brazil, it is even prescribed as mandatory for those after surgery due to it’s anti-inflammatory and detoxification benefits. Flavia initially trained as a physiotherapist and her knowledge of the body and it’s anatomy is second to none. Since lymphatic drainage transformed her own life, helping her get her body back post partum, she then wanted to help others get the same results she did.  She set out to do her own training and even secured a masters in lymphatic drainage, today she has developed her own unique method.  The Flavia Morellato method is totally unique and she has become so busy that she has personally trained some trusted physiotherapists she cherry-picked from her home in Brazil in this incredible technique. 

I have mentioned before that I have struggled with IBS and bloating and I never imagined I would see such instantaneous results. I honestly didn’t recognise my own body after the treatment. Everything felt tighter, lighter and more contoured than ever, like a new person. The before and after photos speak for themselves, I would go every day if I could, I walked out of the room feeling lighter than air and floated my way through the rest of my day. I cannot recommend Flavia and her services enough! 

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