Radiance Recommends - Pfeffer Sal Virtual

by Olivia Cartwright,


The current situation globally is scary but life is what you make it and we are actively choosing to maximise all this free time. The fast paced lifestyle we all know so well has been temporarily restricted and it’s certainly given us a new found appreciation for the little pleasures we once took for granted. 


Structure has been essential to keeping our sanity and implementing a good routine day to day has really helped. Our favourite addition to our day has been our self care hour, taking the time daily to show yourself some love. However, as some of our favourite self care rituals have been halted, it’s time to get creative! 


Since we are spending so much time make-up free, why not use this opportunity to really look after your skin? We religiously get facials each month and our favourite skincare clinic Pfeffer Sal has solved all of our problems providing four amazing virtual treatments from the comfort of your own home. 


I purchased the bundle of all of the options and have been loving every single one, in fact, I am booking them at a rapid rate. I began with the Skin MOT where I had a private consultation via Skype with one of their therapists who discussed my skin and it’s condition and advised the best products and treatments for me. 


I then had a guided facial with the same therapist after we discussed which treatment I would get the most benefit from. I loved having the luxury facial experience at home and I can’t wait to implement the tools and techniques I learnt throughout this period and long after.


I still have a facial massage tutorial and skincare spring clean to go and I can’t wait. It has proved the perfect activity if you are a corona loner like me leaving me with skills and knowledge I can have for life. It’s just light relief we were looking for on such dark days. 

Radiance Reviews - Farmacy

by Olivia Cartwright, , link


Notting Hill is a health foodies mecca, it’s a buzzing hub of healthy eateries and organic supermarkets so in this neck of the woods there is tough competition. Pharmacy ticks every box on the list, I went for lunch on a Tuesday and there was a waiting list so you know they are doing something right. 


It is the brainchild of Camilla Al Fayad and every detail has been meticulously thought out and styled. This is where luxury meets health, this space doesn't feel hippie or woo woo but more like an urban apothecary. The interior is beautifully organic whilst still being really elegantly with sage green velvet seating and lots of wood and plants.


My favourite detail about Farmacy is as much as possible is farm to table. The ‘Farm’ in Farmacy is grounded in the Kent countryside. It’s a biodynamic plot of land, growing vegetables, fruits and herbs, which they deliver weekly to their Notting Hill restaurant by electric van. 


They are open for breakfast, lunch, and dinner and I will be back to explore those menus too. I came prepared and was recommended the house curry which changes frequently but apparently never disappoints. Today it was Thai butternut and peanut and it was incredible, the flavor combinations were perfect and the portion was generous. The principle of their menu if to ‘healthify comfort foods’ with pizza and burgers also available. No deprivation here! Don’t miss out on the most instagrammable desserts I’ve ever seen, I always leave these restaurants feeling unsatisfied but not today. Today, I am full to the brim and very smug about it!


I’m dying to go back to try the Chocolate Chip Waffles and the Mac and Cheese just not together.

Young Love and Beauty are back!

by Olivia Cartwright, , link


The days are getting longer, the nights are drawing in, pancake day has been and gone and our Limited Edition summer juices are back for the comeback tour! 

Back by popular demand, we have our delicious Beauty and Young Love juices full of skin-boosting properties to give you that glow just in time for summer. 

Both of these juices have the addition of Virgin Coconut Water from Young Thai coconuts giving them that gorgeous pink colour, packed full of electrolytes and extra hydration benefits. 

They look like spring, taste like summer and are the perfect addition to any Build your Own Cleanse. 

Established London 2009
100% Organic Cold-Pressed
Delivered across the UK