Things we are loving - Radiance's June Edit

by Olivia Cartwright,

June Favourites - This is our round up of things we’ve been loving this last month. 

Seed probiotics - Seed probiotics are leading the way in the probiotics market. They are steeped in scientific research, in collaboration with leading scientists and research partners from around the world, they develop research-backed probiotics for outcomes across gastrointestinal, dermatological, oral, pediatric, and nutritional health. These have had the most profound effect on our gut health since we started taking them and highly recommend. 

Matilda Goad Brass Lampshade - As if we were already obsessed with all things Matilda Goad (we've been lusting after her ceramic clam shells for around 3 years now), along came her beautiful brass lampshades! These lampshades are made from brushed brass with slight natural markings and are lacquered to prevent any further wear. They are so unique and complete any room. 

Alexis Smart Flower Remedies - We were recently having a discussion here at Radiance HQ about the power of Flower Remedies. I had been skeptical in the past and failed to notice any shifts from prior attempts. Following on from that conversation I stumbled across Alexis Smart's bespoke blends. According to Alexis the key is matching you to the exact blend you require. After some very helpful communication with Alexis over instagram I settled on my chosen blend and wow! I can't recommend them highly enough. The only problem is her beautiful writing style makes you want to try all of them at once! 

Copper tongue Scraper - Many people suffer from a furry tongue while cleansing and this is actually a great sign your body is detoxing effectively! We love to make use of an Ayurvedic copper tongue scraper both when we are cleansing and when we're not! It's a great little tool to add to your dental hygiene routine to assist the body in eliminating toxins that have accumulated in the mouth. Copper tongue scrapers are also known for their antibacterial properties making it easy to remove toxins & prevent bacteria from growing on the scraper itself.

Remind classes - We have spoken about the transformative power of breathwork in an article (linked here) before but we struggled to find somewhere we could consistently practice it, without costing the earth. Re/mind studio in Fitzrovia is the answer to all our prayers. Not only do they offer breathwork but also beautiful sound baths and reiki too. Not to mention their gorgeous store packed with beautiful, thoughtfully chosen gifts and trinkets! 

Summer Solstice

by Olivia Cartwright, , link

We recently did a blog post on Mind, Body & Soul Cleanses. We love to think of our juice cleanses as not only a physical gift to our bodies but an opportunity to take inventory and cultivate awareness in our lives. 

By and large we are creatures of habit so we find these rituals and routines really helpful for our personal growth and development. As you all know we encourage seasonal cleansing as it acts as a really helpful marker for the passing of time, connects us to the rhythms of nature and prepares us for the season ahead. Why not take this one step further and cleanse with the Summer Solstice? Don't let the stereotypes deter you, you don’t have to be a pagean witch to celebrate! Using dates like Summer Solstice or Spring Equinox around which to plan your cleanses feels so special and connected. We also find it feels much more intentional, thus holding us accountable. 

Summer Solstice is a celebration of light, let’s embrace this energy and direct it towards something productive and impactful. Whether you are cleansing today or not, here are some ways you can mark this day and make the most out of it:

1. Get outside and walk in nature.  Nature calms anxiety and quietens the mind. If possible leave your phone at home. It's amazing how even on a walk we are still plugged into something, listening to a podcast or music. 

2.  Journalling. Write it out. This is a perfect time to meditate on your goals, circumstances and journal out any stuck emotions. We also like to set our intentions for the season ahead. 

3. Embrace human connection. Too often we find that self discovery is isolating, we hear you need to be alone to grow. Connecting with others is another form of self care, engaging with our loved ones and spending quality time is always much needed. 

4. Make them your own rituals. Whether you want to make a practice out of cleansing over the solstice, running a bath, lighting some candles and journaling, or you want to go for a big walk in nature and book in an al fresco dinner with lots of friends. However you wish to celebrate it is a really fun, happy occasion to join in on! 

Mind Body Soul Cleanse

by Olivia Cartwright, , link


Cleansing is a consistent practice that we like to incorporate into our annual routine. A ritual that we look forward to with the change of each season and a time to mentally and physically prepare ourselves for the season ahead. 

We like to take a whole mind, body, soul approach to each cleanse. To really make space for ourselves over the course of the 3 - 5 days and take inventory. We are not just feeding ourselves with the abundant nourishment of a juice cleanse but also using this time to rest and reset. Don’t overdo it on a cleanse, some light movement is advisable but a cleanse is about slowing down and healing so don’t put pressure on yourself to keep going 100 miles an hour. Never feel guilty for being lazy, that’s the point!⁠⁠

We like to use this as an opportunity to set some goals and track our progress from our last cleanse. It’s amazing how far you can come when do this consistently. It’s all about getting really intentional for the season ahead. Journalling is a wonderful tool to incorporate in your day to day or if that’s overwhelming, just while your cleansing. Seasonal cleansing acts as a really helpful marker for the passing of time so incorporating journalling in your cleanse routine is a great way to hold yourself accountable with your goals and celebrate your growth. ⁠

As we come into early June it’s time for that start of summer cleanse. Have you booked yours?⁠

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