The Green Life with Papillon Luck

by Clare Ward,

I met Papillon when we started Radiance and she is completely irrepressible.  Resolutely positive and super high energy we love hanging out with her.  I have also trained with her and know she is a tough task master but a brilliant motivator.  She left the city to set up a fitness business, Liberte Fitness, and is now coaching people on how to take the leap and pursue their dreams.  We caught up with her to hear how she did it and what keeps her on motivated. 

What made you make the leap from working in the city to working for yourself?

I couldn’t figure out how to live healthily on my terms fulfilling my life to the maximum whilst in an office environment. The decision was a no brainer but it was far from a quick exit strategy. I worked for a start up Hedge Fund whilst starting my own business for 2 years, commuting 4 hours daily, sacrificing holidays from my day job to get my business off the ground. Every penny I earned in my day job funded my start up. I’ve always been determined & driven choosing to do my degree at night school whilst working as a Compliance Analyst by day. Now I coach corporate women on how to find their passion, package it up into the right business model & live their healthy lifestyle away from a desk.

How do you suggest people stay healthy when working in a busy corporate environment?

It’s tough, but stand as much as possible & try to limit sitting down for large amounts of time, definitely walk round, take the stairs never the lift or escalators. Try to get a fitbit watch to track your steps & set a daily challenge for movement. Swap coffee for a green juice & make sure your desk drawers are full of nuts, seeds, organic nut butters & fruit. Get outside during your lunch break even just for a quick walk, make sure you don’t sit slumped over your desk having lunch. Drink at least 2 litres of water a day & most importantly, have a positive mindset, it overrides everything.

How do you manage to balance running your own business with staying healthily?

This is pretty easy for me as my health is non negotiable, money or work doesn’t come before it. Without my health I have nothing so it’s my top priority. To maximise my day, I train daily at 6am. I’m showered with protein shake at 8am ready to start my day. Try to exercise before you get distracted with anything as it’s virtually impossible to walk away from work when you’ve started your day. Harness the huge endorphin rush to help you get through the day on a high. Training before work will also ensure you make better nutrition choices so you don’t undo your hard work & you’ll sleep like a baby by the end of the day.

Do you have a favourite type of exercise and where's your favourite place to work out?

Anyone trying to get hold of me knows I can be found in Barry’s Bootcamp in Euston, it’s my second home. My one true favourite exercise class in London. Nothing I’ve tried even comes close to the experience. I love the staff, have met countless friends & have been motivated by many a stranger when sprinting at 12.5 miles an hour. 

What helps keep you motivated?  

Always hang out or follow people more successful, cleverer & wealthier than you, they will raise your game & make you strive outside your comfort zone. I’m a big Seneca fan - (I knew A level Classics would serve a purpose) & I love the Dalai Lama.

Who do you follow on social media that you find inspiring?

Richard Branson, Michelle Mone, Tony Robbins. 

What's your favourite juice recipe?

Anything green beyond a doubt. I love a green juice, anything with kiwi, apple, courgette, lime, spirulina & spinach. I made that recipe up but I make it every day.

If Papillon has inspired you and you'd like to chat to her about making your own leap she has offered all Radiance clients a free strategy session to help you discover your passion and dream lifestyle. Please get in touch via her website,


by Olivia Cartwright, , link

You may or may not already be familiar with Rosie Millen, or Miss Nutritionist and she's more commonly known, but she is the genius behind these delicious 'Dynabites'.

These bars tick every box as far as we are concerned, acting as the perfect chocolate brownie replacement. They are gluten free, dairy free, refined sugar free, high in protein and higher in flavour. Created by mistake in her kitchen one serendipitous afternoon, these bars are certainly a fortunate accident. They are certainly a huge hit here at Radiance HQ. 


Valentines Gift Guide

by Olivia Cartwright, , link

Valentine's Day is an occasion that always divides the crowds. Every year I find there to be roughly three categories that emerge in the lead up. First: The Lovers, those filled with anticipation and excitement, revelling in the opportunity to flaunt their mutual adoration. Second: The Sceptics, those who may or may not be in a committed relationship but generally have a fairly neutral opinion on the whole juncture. Just another day, corporate greeting card companies money maker etc are all phrases that come to mind.  And finally the Valentine's day Scrooge, those who have the general consensus that Valentine's day should be banned.

Whatever your stance on the holiday, it's still a nice excuse to show someone you love that you care, romantically or otherwise. Who say's valentines should be limited to celebrating your relationship with your other half. We are also grateful for the loving relationship we share with our friends, family, colleagues or pets even should you wish, so let's show it!  

Many of you won't necessarily appreciate the archetypical box of refined sugar temptation that you are typically presented with. So we have put together a little gift guide for the spouses, partners and friends of rather more health conscious individuals.

Radiance Valentine's Gift Box

I hate to blow our own trumpet but this box is the perfect gift for even the most salubrious valentine. With two of each delicious and nutritious juice or nut milk you and your partner can enjoy a few of our bespoke blends together. Mix a juice with an alcoholic spirit of your choice for a more virtuous cocktail and tuck into Miss Nutritionist's mouth watering Dynabites for dessert. This gift will guarantee you a spot in the good books!

Kai Perfume

Fragrance can be quite a personal thing, but I am yet to come across anyone who doesn't love this beautiful perfume. Two members of the Radiance team wear this already and I doubt it will take long to convert the rest. Kai has a devoted celebrity following and who are we to argue?

Time together 

As Valentines Day conveniently falls on a Saturday this year, why not make a day of it? A lovely couples massage or relaxing facial ought to do the trick. Our wonderful friends at Ila have a specially created experience called Couples Connect, available at spas across the UK.

Or if you're both more the active type then why not do a class together or go on a romantic walk. Studies show that couples that exercise together stay together for longer. 

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