Hendrick Famutimi, trainer & motivational speaker

by Olivia Cartwright,

Our newest gym crush is Another_Space, the boutique fitness concept from Third Space. We've been doing their cool spin classes and the yoga is also great. Our new goal is to introduce a bit more HIIT and so we've been talking to star instructor Hendrick. 


What made you become a PT in the first place?

Knowing that I can help people that lack direction within fitness plus having an athletic background was all I needed to make the decision. 

What's the biggest fitness myth in your opinion?

If women do weights they will look like a man. 

What's the key to being strong not skinny and how should women introduce weights into their routine?

Being strong involves not just heavy (heavy for that individual) lifting but a meal plan that hits the required calories.

How would you describe your own fitness method?

Mental! Not normal! 

I basically train like a powerlifter, bodybuilder and athlete. Fitness is in my blood. I can easily see myself still going to the gym at 60 years young. 

What are the biggest mistakes you see people make with fitness?

Following 30 days squat challenges and people doing cardio trying to get curvy and build muscle. 

Do protein shakes make any difference to muscle definition, especially in women's bodies?

Protein shakes are just an easier option to get nutrition in. The problem we have is that some people assume taking protein shakes will automatically make the difference to muscle mass. So as long as you're eating well, it can aid with making a difference to muscle.  

Does personal training have a better success rate in terms of hitting goals than group classes or a regular gym membership? 

I believe personal training has a better success rate than classes. Classes you'll hit goals but there's only so much you can gain in terms of results as the classes are suited to the general and not individual. 

Who or what inspires and motivates you?

Will Smith inspires me as well as Anthony Robbins (both mentally). Physically, it's when I see people (women especially), lifting heavy weights. 

It's difficult to juggle a social life and maintain fitness goals? How do you exercise balance without taking too many steps back?

You have to let down one of them each day, but make sure it's not the same one you let down EVERY day! 

People say the key to achieving your fitness goals is 70% diet 30% exercise. Does that stand true for you? Are their any exceptions?

It's always 100% for both! Most people who say 70% and 30% are people who just exercise for Instagram.

Planet Manna

by Olivia Cartwright, , link

We recently attended Planet Manna's beautiful debut event on West London's new rooftop, Pergola on the roof and it was amazing. It serendipidously fell on a sunny Tuesday morning and yoga in the sunshine coupled with a delcious breakfast, Radiance Daily juices and complimentary massages = an event not to be missed. 

Planet Manna

Now that the ball is rolling they have their next event just around the courner, and their Planet Manna on the Roof Festival is going to be all this and more. It takes place on the roof of the Lyric theatre in Hammersmith on Sunday 10th July so get that date in your diary now. There's something for everyone with Instragram superstar and blogger extradinaire Cat Meffan taking the yoga class, there will be FORM Studios PURE-fitness classes and runs along the Thames if you're interested. There will also be delicious food from Peyton & Byrne, a live DJ, free massages and a bit of retail therapy to round the day off. Sound good? I know, see you there! 

If you wish to book we are thrilled to offer you an exclusive discount with the discount code is RADIANCEMANNA

planet manna 

Complimentary class @ Another_Space

by Christina Agnew, , link

We're thrilled that our Radiance Daily juices are stocked at London's coolest new studio, Another_Space. So thrilled in fact that we're giving away 30 free classes at Another_Space (1 per person only). Choose from yoga, HIIT or a truly excellent spin class. Simply quote RADIANCE when booking to redeem your class. But do it now as places will go quickly.


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