Planet Manna

by Olivia Cartwright,

We recently attended Planet Manna's beautiful debut event on West London's new rooftop, Pergola on the roof and it was amazing. It serendipidously fell on a sunny Tuesday morning and yoga in the sunshine coupled with a delcious breakfast, Radiance Daily juices and complimentary massages = an event not to be missed. 

Planet Manna

Now that the ball is rolling they have their next event just around the courner, and their Planet Manna on the Roof Festival is going to be all this and more. It takes place on the roof of the Lyric theatre in Hammersmith on Sunday 10th July so get that date in your diary now. There's something for everyone with Instragram superstar and blogger extradinaire Cat Meffan taking the yoga class, there will be FORM Studios PURE-fitness classes and runs along the Thames if you're interested. There will also be delicious food from Peyton & Byrne, a live DJ, free massages and a bit of retail therapy to round the day off. Sound good? I know, see you there! 

If you wish to book we are thrilled to offer you an exclusive discount with the discount code is RADIANCEMANNA

planet manna 

Complimentary class @ Another_Space

by Christina Agnew, , link

We're thrilled that our Radiance Daily juices are stocked at London's coolest new studio, Another_Space. So thrilled in fact that we're giving away 30 free classes at Another_Space (1 per person only). Choose from yoga, HIIT or a truly excellent spin class. Simply quote RADIANCE when booking to redeem your class. But do it now as places will go quickly.


Gut Health Specialist Kara Mia Vernon

by Christina Agnew, , link

Multi-talented Kara Mia Vernon is a qualified naturopath, nutritionist, homeopath and colon hydrotherapist. She's been practising for a decade and has seen the damage that our modern diet and lifestyles can do to good health.

After a recent treatment with Kara Mia, we couldn't resist asking for her 10 commandments for better gut health. 

1. If it’s man-made then avoid it. Butter is always better than margarine; sugar is better than Aspartame.

2. Avoid wheat where possible. Sadly it’s everywhere. Even if you try and avoid it, you’ll still end up eating it.

3. Drink water. Make it choice number one at all times. Ideally still. If sparkling make sure it’s the naturally sparkling kind. Aim for one litre per day, two if you’re feeling up for it.

4. Coffee is allowed, once a day, prior to noon. Give yourself a break from it occasionally.

5. Avoid soya. Fermented soya is fine (e.g. miso, tempeh) but most are of poor quality, and an estrogen mimicker which is fine if you want to have awful PMS or Moobs.

6. EAT VEGETABLES. Try and make this 60% of your diet. Raw or lightly steamed is best.

7. AVOID sugar. It’s evil. The true cause of all chronic illness, I kid you not.

8. Pay no attention to the Cholesterol debate. Fats are good for you. Sugar kills, fats don’t.

9. Do not drink with your meals. A small amount of water or a glass of wine with dinner is okay.

10. Don’t eat at your desk. Walk away, breathe, then eat. And chew.

Lastly, a little note from Radiance: For your next cleanse, we would highly recommend a colon hydrotherapy session with Kara Mia. She practises at Grace Belgravia's medical centre in central London. We understand that it's not for everyone, but if you want to get maximum benefits from your cleanse then do give it a try. She offers a 10% discount to all Radiance clients and you can find out more HERE. Simply quote RADIANCE when booking.

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