Whole Roasted Cauliflower

by Olivia Cartwright,

1 cauliflower head
3 garlic cloves
1 Tbsp ground turmeric powder
1/2 tsp black pepper
1 Tbsp ginger grated
1 Lemon
1 tsp salt
60 ml olive oil

  1. Preheat the oven to 400ºF/200ºC and line a baking sheet with foil.
  2. Clean the leaves and remove the stem of the cauliflower. Make sure to keep the florets intact.
  3. Finely chop the garlic gloves and mix them with the turmeric powder, salt and olive oil.
  4. Pour the oil mixture all over the cauliflower – underside included. Do this over the baking sheet, so you don't waste any of the flavors.
  5. Chef's note: It's good to start by pouring some of the oil seasoning on the underside of the cauliflower and shaking it lightly to encourage it to drip down into the core of the cauliflower, between the florets. Then turn it over and baste the top.
  6. Brush the mixture all over – make sure to cover all the little nooks. Add a bit more oil if needed to help distribute the mixture all over the cauliflower.
  7. Place the cauliflower in the middle of the prepared sheet, florets upwards, and bake for around 1hr15* (though this will vary depending on the exact size of the cauliflower head).
  8. You'll need to place a small dish of water in the bottom of the oven to help the cauliflower steam as it cooks. Baste the cauliflower with the oil/spice mixture several times during the cooking for extra flavor. Once baked, slice, and serve.

Time for you

by Clare Ward, , link


Whether it's been a hectic time at work, or the school holidays that have wiped us out, there are always times when we need to stop and focus on our selves. 

You may not be able to squeeze in a massage or facial, but here are some easy things that take 20 minutes or less to concentrate on you.

  1. Read that book you've been wanting to for ages. Books are like a holiday for the mind, taking us to different times and places. They can be mind-expanding, challenging us to explore new concepts or perspectives. It is proven to reduce stress and enhance relaxation.
  2. Do an online fitness tutorial, whether it's HIIT, yoga, pilates (or anything else!), your mind and body will thank you for it. The rush of endorphines and sense of satifaction will last throughout your day.
  3. Yoga Nidra is a powerful form of rest, as well as helping reduce anxiety. Our brains are taken from the active beta state initially into alpha waves, which is when seratonin is released. You then drop into delta waves, mimicking when we are in a deep sleep. 20 minutes of Yoga Nidra is thought to be equivalent to 2.5 hours of sleep.
  4. Self massage has been used for centuries across many cultures.  It's seen as a way to rejuvenate your mind, support your largest detoxification organ (your skin), stimulate your bodies circulation and energy channels and help you connect and celebrate your body. It's purported to help reduce stress and improve sleep. If you haven't got time for your full body, try a few minutes of simple foot or hand massage. It's incredible the difference the power of touch can have.


Buckwheat Galettes

by Olivia Cartwright, , link

The traditional Buckwheat Galette is naturally gluten free from the buckwheat and dairy free as it uses water instead of milk. They can be made sweet or savoury depending on what you prefer. I like to have a few variations in one meal, it is pancake day after all.


  • 300 g Buckwheat Flour
  • 750 ml Water
  • 1 Egg Pinch of Salt

1. In a blender, add the buckwheat flour, water, egg, and salt. Blend for 30 seconds or until smooth. If you don't have a blender, use a large mixing bowl. Add buckwheat flour, egg, and salt, and beat in the water gradually until a smooth batter forms with no lumps.

2. Cover the batter and let it rest in the refrigerator for at least 2 hours or overnight.

3. After your batter has rested check the consistency and thin it out until it has the consistency of melted ice cream. I usually add up to 1/3 cup water

4. Heat a lightly oiled crepe pan over medium/high heat. We use coconut oil (or butter) on it.

5. Make a first crepe to test your batter consistency. Pour or ladle batter onto the pan, then tip and rotate the pan to spread the batter as thinly as possible. Keep in mind that an authentic buckwheat crepe is thicker than a regular crepe, and it doesn't spread as well. If it's difficult to spread, add a bit more water to the batter – up to 1/3 cup. 

6. Brown on both sides for about 1-2 minutes on each, store on a plate, and repeat until no more batter is left.

Ideas for toppings:

  • - Lemon & coconut sugar
  • - Chia jam & almond butter
  • - Avocado, tomato & parsley
  • - Garlic mushrooms

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