The reasons we'll always love Pilates!

by Christina Agnew,

Don't be fooled into thinking Pilates is any old fitness class. All over conditioning is just one of the benefits of this power house workout. Here are 6 reasons to start a Pilates habit from Nahid de Belgeonne, founder of Good Vibes studios in London.

Easy on the joints - The slow and controlled movements in a Pilates class are low impact and only partially weight bearing, and most are performed in a reclined or seated position, meaning there is little to no impact on your joints. In fact it helps improve joint mobility, exactly why it's great for injury prevention and rehabilitation.

Amazing for abs - Pilates is all about the core, working deep into your abdominal muscles and muscles closest to your spine. By integrating and evenly conditioning the trunk, pelvis and shoulder girdle, you'll see and feel the strength in your core in no time. Hello six pack!

Back pain be gone - A stronger core also equals a stronger and healthier back. By stabilising and strengthening the core, Pilates relieves the stress and increases the mobility in your lower back, meaning less pain and more freedom of movement. In fact, many doctors recommend Pilates for certain back pains and injuries.

Hones your focus - During a class, you're forced to focus on a number of things at once, your breath, your body and how they move together in the optimal way to create proper alignment and to make sure your muscles are working correctly. With all that to think about, there's no time to think about bills, meetings or deadlines, it's just you and your body for a full hour. Bliss.

Improves sports performance - By strengthening your core, you strengthen the rest of your body, meaning all of your other workouts improve too. You'll run faster, your yoga practice will become stronger, and you'll be able to push it that little bit harder in cycle class.

Makes you more flexible - Have you ever uttered the words 'I'm not built for Pilates, I'm not very flexible'? That's exactly why you should be doing it! When your body feels tight, your muscles are shortened, increasing the risk of injury and limiting your body's range of movement. By lengthening your muscles, you don't only become more flexible, you also create a long lean silhouette.

Radiant skin product picks

by Christina Agnew, , link

This summer - well every summer, really! - we're all about radiant skin. We love the quick, fresh, glowy look, nothing too polished or heavy. Obviously there are tons of skincare and makeup products out there promising to pep up lacklustre skin. That said, since we're as picky about what goes into our beauty products as we are about what goes into our juices, not many of them make our cut. Here are the ones our team agree you can't beat.

RMS Beauty Contour Bronze. Oh my goodness there is no end to our love for Rose Marie Swift and her stunning make up line! By day she is working with the most beautiful models in the business, like Gisele Bundchen and Miranda Kerr, and by night she's creating insanely gorgeous face, lip and cheek products that never compromise on ingredients. This new Contour Bronze gives a sun-drenched glow and is dreamy to apply. It contains coconut oil, cacao seed butter and jojoba oil to nourish your skin too. We can't recommend the RMS range highly enough.

Oskia Get Up & Glow Radiance, Energy & Protection Booster. This truly is an 'anti-fatigue' serum that noticeably illuminates and brightens your skin. It's easy to use on its own or under your moisturiser if you have drier skin. You can even pat it on top of your make up later in the day. It's also scented with Oskia's Eco Cert signature rose-lychee perfume which is bliss on a sunny summer morning.

Prtty Peaushun Skin Tight Body Lotion. This is our favourite products on the days when it's a case of shorts on and legs out. It's also very handy for weddings. It's 100% vegan, natural and paraben free and contains avocado oil and grapefruit wax as well as green tea and rosemary extracts. Although it's a body lotion you can also use a dab of this on your face so it's a great multi tasker.


Kombucha, meet our favourites!

by Olivia Cartwright, , link


 Fermentated foods are having a moment. Saukraut for example, once the poster food for Bavarian beer drinkers, has now had a total makeover as the ultimate healthy food staple. Kombucha meanwhile is essentially fermented sugary tea. But don't let the sugar put you off. The "scoby" (bacteria and yeast culture) eats most of the sugar so you are left with just a trace and endless health benefits. It's an acquired taste but, certainly once you've acquired it, totally delicious. With summer just around the corner, it's the ideal refreshment with health benefits to boot. LA, the land of the health obsessed, are all over this. While I was there you could even pick up kombucha in your local 7eleven. So keep your eyes peeled for more stockists over here soon!

Here's a roundup of our favourites.

Equinox Kombucha

I will go as far as to say Equinox is my favourite kombucha I've ever tried. My favourite is Rasberry and Elderflower. Kombucha has the tendency to have a slight cider taste but this one is the perfect balance of sweet and fizzy without that beer aftertaste. I bulk order and keep it in the fridge. It stays fresh for a while!

Lois and the living teas

I discovered Lois and the living teas at Barrecore and now love to pick one up whenever I'm local. The ginger is delicious and has those added anti-inflamory ginger benefits. Lighter in flavour than some others I've tried and such a pleasure to drink! 

Love Kombucha

Love Kombucha is delicious and the most reasonably priced option I've found, I like to get the 500ml bottles in Whole Foods and drink over a few days. They also come in lovely bottles.... not that that really counts for anything but I appreciate it. I'd recommend the ginger and lime flavour although I haven't tried them all. I have noticed Love Kombucha to be less sparkling than some others so it may not the best option if you're new to kombucha. 

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