How to maximise your cleanse

by Clare Ward,

Bath salts 

A cleanse can be a brilliant step in creating healthier habits, but how do you make the most of your cleanse to ensure the benefits last?  Here are our top tips:

1. Preparation is key

How you prepare for your cleanse is as important as the cleanse itself.  We share pre-cleanse eating guidance before your cleanse, so try to follow these and reduce your meat, dairy, sugar and processed foods a few days before your cleanse. 

Caffeine is a really strong substance, and should be reduced gradually.   Even if you only have one coffee per day, this is still enough for your body to notice you cutting it out cold turkey.  We recommend you have at least 2 days with no caffeine before you start your cleanse and that you get to this point by reducing your intake gradually over a number of days.  If you still get a headache on day 1, have a small cup of green tea as that contains just enough caffeine to help. 

2. Keep your diary as clear as possible whilst cleansing

A cleanse is an opportunity to take some time for yourself.  Try to keep your diary as clear as possible so you aren't trying to do too much.  

3. Book in some proper 'me time'

What you count as relaxing me time will be different for everyone.  Whether it's a hot bath, a massage, or simply curling up with a book in your favourite chair and a cup of herbal tea, make sure you prioriise doing this during the cleanse.  Modern culture encourages us to be constantly busy, but rest is actually a productive activity in itself. 

4. Drink your juices at regular intervals

We supply a daily schedule for when to drink your juices, which you can of course adjust slightly to suit your personal schedule.  However we'd recommend drinking them at regular intervals so you keep hunger at bay and keep yourself feeling balanced.  This should help stop you from making unhealthy choices in a weak moment. 

5. Prioritise sleep

Sleep is crucial at all times, but even more so when cleansing.  Our clients often report sleeping espeically well when cleansing, so make the most of this and plan for some early nights.  Future you will thank you.

6. Consider your post-cleanse eating as important as pre-cleanse

We can often be really good going into a cleanse, and then undo the hard work quickly afterwards!  We provide guidance on reintroducing foods post cleanse.  The key is once again to focus on lots of fruits, vegetables and plant based foods, and to gradually reintroduce other foods over a few days.  It may also provide you with an opportunity to see which foods (if any) aren't serving you well as you try different foods slowly.

7. Consider cleansing with a friend or loved one

This one isn't essential but it can make it easier.  We love to cleanse with a friend, or even another member of the Radiance team!  Either way it gives us someone to share the experience with and you can help pick each other up and encourage each other if the going gets tough.  Then cheet each other when you've finished!  If you haven't got someone you'd like to cleanse with then come join our Community Cleanse.  Running from 18th-20th January.  Use code COMMUNITY for a 10% discount off all 3 and 5 day cleanses.     


January Community Cleanse

by Clare Ward, , link

The Community Cleanse is back and we'd love for you to join us.  We're giving 10% off cleanses booked to start that week.  

This New Year we decided not to make unrealistic resolutions or look for a better version of ourselves.  We have realised that what we crave most is connection.  So that's what we'll be focusing on. 

As a wise friend said to me yesterday, 'hoping that something will happen is lacking any sense of firm action behind it, you simply need to take action'. 

So instead of hoping for connection, we welcome you to join us on our first Community Cleanse of the year and help us to create connection. 

The Community Cleanse starts on Tuesday 18th January and the Radiance team, along with some special friends, will be doing a 3 day cleanse.  Use the code COMMUNITY for a 10% discount off 3 and 5 day cleanses booked to start that week. 

So book your cleanse, tag us on Instagram, send us an email or give us a call.  This is our opporunity to come together (albeit digitally), and share our experiences. We will be here to support you throughout. We want this cleanse to give us back that sense of commonality with one another.

Christmas opening hours

by Olivia Cartwright, , link


Christmas is just around the corner and we are getting organised!

Our Christmas opening hours are as follows:

24th December - CLOSED

25th December - CLOSED

26th December - CLOSED

27th December - CLOSED 

28th December - CLOSED

29th December - CLOSED

30th December - OPEN - deliveries in the morning of the 30th only

31st December - CLOSED

1st January - CLOSED

2nd January - CLOSED

3rd January - CLOSED

4th January - Our production opens for cleanses starting on 5th January

 - The latest start date for cleanses pre Christmas would be Friday 24th December for 1 or 3 day cleanses only. 

- The earliest start date post Christmas would be 30th December for 1 or 3 day cleanses only. 

- The earliest start date after New Year is Wednesday 5th January. 

Please don’t hesitate to contact us directly if you have any questions or need any help booking!  Wishing everyone a wonderful Christmas break.  


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