Jemma Kidd on her Rest Day & other tips

by Christina Agnew,

When make-up artist and former model Jemma Kidd booked a Rest Day for herself and her husband recently, we couldn't resist asking her a few questions about beauty and health.

Jemma Kidd

How did you find your recent Rest Day?

I did the Beauty Rest Day because I am always interested in new ways to nourish my skin from the inside. I found the Rest Day very easy and simple to follow. I wasn't hungry at all and loved the juices.

What is your philosophy for keeping healthy?

I firmly believe that a healthy gut is the cornerstone of a healthy body.

Do you take any nutritional supplements?

Yes I take Udo’s Choice Ultimate Oil Blend, added as a dressing to salads or in a juice. I also take probiotics and have fresh organic juices daily. If I feel a cold coming on then I reach for elderberry extract.

What are your top tips for achieving beautiful, healthy skin?

 I think hydration is really important so I drink 1.5 – 2 litres of water daily. Your skin also needs good oils to be properly hydrated from within. The Udo’s oil has made a huge difference to my skin. I base my diet around fresh organic food. Lastly, I have regular colonics to keep my gut in great condition.

What are your make up bag essentials for people who are short of time?

I'm a big fan of BB creams. I also rely on Urban Decay 24/7 eyeliner, Benefit They’re Real Mascara and Bobbi Brown pot rouge for lips and cheek in powder pink. 

3 Easter eggs worth eating

by Christina Agnew, , link

We are all about balance at Radiance. We are more than happy to dig into pudding at a restaurant or have a few squares of chocolate after lunch. We just try to make sure that our treats are really worth it - high quality, nutritious and satisfying. So we will definitely be cracking open an Easter egg come 31st March. Here is what we will be buying.

inSpiral Artisan Raw Easter Egg: Morello Cherry 

Made with 100% raw, natural and vegan ingredients - sweetened with only coconut sugar and superfoods lucuma and yacon.



Booja Booja Stem Ginger Truffle Egg

From one of our all time favourite chocolate makers, this is the egg to go for if you want something that looks beautiful, as it's hand-painted by artists in Kashmir.


Montezuma Organic Dark Chocolate Eco Egg

Billed as the most eco friendly Easter egg around, this has special biodegradable packaging and supports the Butterfly Conservation charity.

The Body Beautiful with Niki Rein

by Christina Agnew, , link
Niki Rein is the founder of the incredible barrecore studio in Chelsea, London. Niki began her love affair with fitness more than a decade ago as a yoga instructor in 2000. She has since taught in Los Angeles, Costa Rica, Seattle, London and Shanghai. We don't know anyone who can whip a body into shape faster than Niki! Her blend of ballet barre-focused exercise, nutritional knowledge and real world perspective makes her a Radiance favourite, so we tapped her expertise in this short Q&A.
What's the best piece of fitness advice you've ever been given?  
Do what keeps your body guessing or get rapid results by changing your workouts and eating a varied (and clean) diet.
What is your best piece of fitness advice to others?
Aim for 4 exercise sessions a week. You will achieve fast results (usually within 3 weeks) if the sessions are short, consistent and sweet I mean intense and fun. An hour of intense training including warm up and stretching, is plenty. Long 2+ hour stints at the gym will just make you lethargic and stunt fat loss.  
What does your daily diet look like?
I eat a paleo diet and avoid processed foods at all costs. My usual day of eating looks like: meat for breakfast; green juice with lemon and ginger for a morning snack and handful of nuts; meat and vegetables for lunch; seeds or nuts for a snack; then, for dinner, I usually make what I call a one-pot-meal where I cook whatever vegetables and meat I have and then start getting creative with spices and herbs (usually Moroccan, Mexican or Italian flavours). At the end of the day I have a little bit of Montezuma's organic very dark husband and I are addicted!
Which 3 foods are always in your fridge or kitchen cupboards?  
A random mix of organic vegetables from my weekly Abel & Cole veg box, a variety of organic meat and Inspiralled Crackits. I love the Reishi flavour with avocado or turkey slices on top...delish!
Which 3 items are always in your workout bag?  
My workout bag is also my work bag so besides the handbag usual items I have a towel to dry the seat of the Barclays bike I ride into work, ALWAYS Suvana Paw Paw and Honey's amazing for lips or any other body part that's dry or cracked, and treats for my dog Tank. (I am so lucky to be able to bring him with me to work!)
Which book is on your bedside table?
I have 2 books going at the moment. The Fatigue Solution by Dr. Eva Cwynar. I am obsessed with hormone balancing and try to read up on all the cutting edge info. Free Country: A Penniless Adventure the Length of Britain - A laugh out loud travel novel that helps me unwind at the end of a crazy day.

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