Get the Gloss Gluten-Free Lifestyle Lunch

by Rosie Guest,

Last week we attended the Gluten-Free Lifestyle Lunch at Four Seasons hosted by Get the Gloss. The health buzz that has swept the nation lately has enabled so many of us to become increasingly heath aware, one of the foods this has highlighted and demonised is gluten. The dangers of gluten have been highlighted in the media more and more recently, and the majority of us are actually gluten sensitive in some way. This was the main focus at the lunch during which, Nutritional Therapist Amelia Freer and Nutritional Health Coach Madeline Shaw discussed their views on the subject. For coeliac sufferers, gluten causes damage to the gut lining, but gluten can also be a contributing factor in other autoimmune conditions and could trigger or aggravate everything from acne to migraines amongst the masses as well.

We want to share with you three things that we took away from the event.

1. Recent studies have shown that the body's gastric juices, cannot break down all 17 proteins that make up gluten, which is not only prevalent in our food but our beauty hair AND household products too.

2. If you decide gluten is not for you it's important to be absolute in your decision. You may think a little bit here or there won't harm when in reality, a fingernail sized piece of wheat produces enough antibodies to stay in your system for 3 months.

3. To conclude on a more general note, Amelia advocates that its optimal to leave 5 hours between meals and ideally to give your digestion a 12 hour break at night time. 

Rise & Shine at Avenue

by Rosie Guest, , link


As you know Radiance juices are on the menu at Avenue Restaurant in St James. 

Rise and Shine the right way! Book your breakfast at Avenue until the end of September for your chance to #WIN a Radiance gift box of 6x 500ml organic cold pressed juices worth £95. 

To make a reservation please call 020 7321 2111 or email quoting ‘Radiance comp’ for your chance to be entered in to the competition.

Organic Beauty Week

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At Radiance we are just as careful with the products we put onto our bodies as we are with those that we consume. In celebration of Organic Beauty week we thought it was only fitting to share our top 4 favourite organic products with you. 

Pai Rosehip BioRegerate fruit & seed oil blend + vitamin E

Your skin is your biggest organ and rapidly absorps everything you put onto it. The beauty industry, models and celebrities alike have been crediting Rosehip oil for their georgous glowing skin for years and recently the mass market has sat up and taken notice. We love this one from Pai. It is Soil Association certified organic and really helps your skin glow from the outside in. 

Dr Organic Aloe Vera Shampoo & Conditioner

Everyone lusts after good hair and this shampoo and conditioner will take you one step closer. A decent shampoo and conditioner is the foundation of everyone's haircare regime, so it's important not to fall at the first hurdle. This product is nourishing, moisturising and keeps you hair looking glossy (not greasy) for days. It might be worth mentioning for those with hair on the oiler side, we would recommend the Manuka honey shampoo and conditioner of the same brand. Dr Organics is a great company with very reasonable pricing for such good quality products. 

p.s. We also love their toothpaste

 John Masters Organic Sea Mist

Rolling into September, we're sure we are not the only ones with the summer blues. Do you spend the majority of your year trying to recreate that gorgeous 'just off the beach' look to no avail? This product does all the hard work for you! It creates those perfect tousled waves whilst the added lavender oil combats the naturally drying effect of the sea salt. Conditioning and perfectly styling your hair at once.. that's the kind of multi-tasking we like!

Neal's Yard Remedies Men's shaving products


Finally, here's one for the boys! We can't speak from expereience but the Neal's Yard shaving soap and calming aftershave balm come highly reccommended! 


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