Interview with Qnola

by Layla Brice,

 We're thrilled to have had the opportunity to interview Danielle Copperman, Founder of Qnola, full time model, qualified nutritionalist, food writer and chef! We talk eating natural, feeling good and juggling the two with modern day life.


So, tell us the story behind Qnola. What was your motivation behind developing a healthy alternative breakfast?

Qnola is a range of quinoa-based breakfast goods free from gluten, dairy and refined sugars and made from only 100% natural ingredients. Our original products are paleo, vegan and super high in fibre, protein and antioxidants. We have also just launched a range with grains (which is not paleo), to keep up with demand and customer desires as we expand into new markets. I started making Qnola for myself when I changed my diet quite drastically in 2013 in order to enhance my skin and energy levels and to keep in shape for my career as a model. Before starting Qnola, I was addicted to sugary, shop bought granola's and when I cut out gluten and sugar from my diet, I was inspired to make something just as delicious and just as simple and quick to prepare, using whole and functional ingredients.

Like you, we believe that consuming things that are good for you is key to ‘feeling good’. What was the process behind selecting and developing your ‘feel good’ ingredients?

I just did a lot of research. I studied a diploma in nutrition and also just read loads of books and research online. In the end it was simple; I only used ingredients that were close to their natural form - i.e. not having processed, heated or refined, and as fresh and functional as possible. We source our ingredients as locally as possible and are proud to be using quinoa grown right here in Britain.  
 After discovering the benefits of eating natural, what was the first thing you noticed after cutting out processed and refined foods from your diet?
The first things I began to notice were no headaches, better and brighter skin and more energy. I also experienced less bloating and, strangely, less hunger and less cravings (after the initial few days of withdrawal symptoms!).

You’re a full time model, qualified nutritionalist, food writer and chef! What is your secret to managing such a busy schedule whilst maintaining your health and wellbeing?
Mmm, it is overwhelming more often than not! I truly live and breath what I do and so maintaining health and wellbeing is actually the easiest part. I know my body and mind now after years of research and tuning into my ever-changing needs and cravings, and I know what it likes and needs and what doesn't serve it at all. When I'm working, I find it super easy to eat well, as I prepare my own food as much as I can, or have become familiar with eateries all over the city that I rely on for unprocessed 'proper' foods when I'm out and about. The only times my healthy and wellbeing falter are when I'm super busy and rundown or stressed. but I use sleep, yoga, meditation and herbs and adaptogens to manage these at the onset of these kinds of symptoms. I guess its all about being educated and empowered and confident in yourself and the power of natural foods to keep you feeling good. I of course have less healthy foods from time to time, but I understand how to act in moderation and maintain balance. I think unhealthy foods can be just as important as the healthy ones, as eating something purely for its taste and because you enjoy it is incredibly satisfying and joyful, and I think the minute you get stressed out by trying to eat well all the time, the attempt can be almost counteractive.
We love your morning melodies feature on Spotify and agree that waking up well is vital to feeling well. What was the inspiration behind the song selection?
Our tagline Wake Up Well is the core of our business and we emphasise that, although our products are incredibly functional, we don't promise you will feel 'well' simply from adding them to your diet. For us it goes much deeper, and we suggest all kinds of things, from fragrance, movement, rituals and, like you said, music. Music is such a powerful tool and can really have an effect on your mood. We like to include energising and uplifting melodies in our playlists aimed to invigorate but also bring joy and happiness to the morning, to ensure you start the day in a good mood. You can't feel miserable with Sister Sledge blasting in the background!

Ombar - Why we love them

by Layla Brice, , link

We've collaborated with Ombar for our limited edition Valentine's Gift Box this year so we asked them to share with us what makes them great - and we sure do agree!

Ombar's Lucy Day - 

We’ve unpacked the ingredients of conventional chocolate, thrown out the bad stuff, and put it back together again to make a healthier, tastier chocolate bar.

Starting with the incredible cocoa beans all chocolate is made from, we keep ‘em raw.  In normal chocolate they are roasted at high temperatures, which is damaging to healthy compounds like flavanols.  We call this RAW CACAO.

There’s no two ways about it – refined sugar sucks.  We discovered whole, unrefined coconut sugar made from the sap of the palm tree, complete with minerals and tasty caramel flavour.  Did you know we were the first chocolate maker in Europe to make chocolate with coconut sugar?

Whilst our chocolate is definitely not just for vegans, we’re proud to have created an uber-creamy, dairy-free mylk chocolate using coconut instead of dairy milk.  Because a plant-based diet makes better sense for our planet and for our bodies. 

Having already chased all the bad stuff out of town, we’ve got plenty of room for healthy superfoods like blueberries, acai and gojis – all real, whole fruits, no compromises.  We even throw in a healthy dose of friendly bacteria for good measure.

We are also really passionate about looking after all the people who work for Ombar, even the cacao farmers, so we have a team member based out in Ecuador who works directly with small cooperatives helping them improve their farming practices to get more money for their crops.

Here is their founding story:


The Top 5 Radiance Cleansing Myths

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We absolutely love hearing feedback from our clients about their positive cleansing experiences and will always assist with any questions they may have. However, we sometimes hear myths about cleansing so have decided to share our top 5 in the hope that we can set things straight!

  1. Cleansing is for weight loss purposes only

While many of our clients will lose a pound or three during their cleanse, we don’t consider our nutritional juice cleanses a ‘diet’ but rather a form of liquid nourishment. They are carefully developed to provide sufficient fuel and support for your body so that any symptoms from cleansing (you may have none!) are manageable and you can carry on with your day to day life. Some of our cleanses are higher in calories than you might expect - we are certainly not out to make you feel hungry!

  1. You must not eat anything during your cleanse

At Radiance, our aim is for you to enjoy your cleanse and we understand that the prospect of reducing your solid intake of foods can be daunting. However, eating the right small snacks during your cleanse won’t have a negative impact on the cleanse itself, you will still be consuming far more nutrients then you ever would normally. We put together some suggestions that you will receive with your welcome pack - should hunger strike.

  1. This isn't going to be a pleasant experience

We believe in a happy balance for our clients so are not strict when it comes to rules. We also understand that everyone is different, along with what they want to achieve and recognise that happiness can be key to this. You will also be filling your body with nutrients that will truly make you feel good! So, if you just want some help with maintaining your glow or you’re trying to rid any bad nutritional habits that have crept in to your routine, then we can help you.

  1. You will have the same cleansing experience as your friends or the same experience each time you cleanse

We all love to hear feedback from friends and family about their experiences with cleansing, although it’s important to remember that we are all different - not just different individuals but different from day to day. It’s possible that you may feel different each time you cleanse as there are multiple factors that influence this. You should see and feel some really positive changes during your cleanse but there can be other changes that you might notice too that may not occur every time. Just remember that we will be with you every step of the way!

  1. One cleanse and all is restored!

Whatever it is that you want to achieve, we highly recommend doing a cleanse quarterly so that you are pushing the reset button with each of the seasons. It's worth scheduling your regular cleanses ahead of time to ensure you make time for yourself and prioritise your health.


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